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About My Weekend…Ramblings

This weekend went by so fast; I think I almost missed most of it. And this Monday is starting off weird, no really; the atmosphere has a strange energy right now.  Yeah, I am a bit strange.

I had a great book club meeting Saturday, it seems Toni Morrison has redeemed herself to a few of my members with her book God Bless the Child.  By the way, is a really good story and for a change of pace, it took place during modern times.  You know Toni Morrison likes to take us on history lessons with a bit of paranormal thrown in to test your brain’s ability to decipher all the symbolism she poses to her readers.


The Imani Book Club – Montgomery 2/20/16

One of the members hosting asked folks to wear denim and pearls for a group picture. What is crazy is I didn’t think anyone would follow through, but guess what?  All of us wore our denim and pearls except one.  The picture came out okay, but again I hate pictures taken where the lighting isn’t at its best.

I didn’t do much else this weekend. On Sunday, I cleaned a little bit, went to the grocery store and cooked lunch for the week.  So it was a productive day.  I didn’t take one nap all weekend, which was so unusual, but I didn’t need one.  Sleeping was difficult this weekend and I am not sure why.


Pearls and Me..

Anyway, I told my sister to show Lala my pearls and then she proceeded to show her all the pictures I have sent to her. Do you know that little girl said I needed to post them on FB?  She also saw a picture of me in a black facial mask and she said I had mud all over my face and need to clean my face.  She is something else.  I had to laugh when she asked where I got my pearls from because we got them both from the same cousin.


I had a full blown photo shoot before and during the meeting…So Vain!

Hope you have a great week!


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