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I Am Still Here…Tired Though

I am still here.  Just busy and finding it hard to blog.  I could blog at night but, I ain’t trying to boot up a laptop and all that jazz.  Plus, I haven’t been on my laptop in about 2 months, which means loads of updates.


At work…on this Friday, March 18th!



There has been so much going on in the news and here in my home town that I just do not have the energy to deal with any of it.  Seriously, this election is making me physically ill and frankly I can’t wait until it is over.  I will tell you this, when President Obama leaves office, I am going to be crying like crazy.  I already feel the lump in my throat.  He has had to deal with so much hate it is a wonder he is still sane.  However, if I was the President…my don’t give a fucks would be horrid.  My mouth and my actions would be so garish.  Everyone has their breaking point.

I cannot talk about that Repub candidate.  I am trying to keep my breakfast down.

I have been so busy at work and I mean both jobs I am feeling the pain.  I am tired.  Seriously, I am also exhausted because of daylight savings time.  I wish they would just leave the time alone.  I am struggling.  Monday I came in here feeling let down and peed on.  I feel like someone robbed my home again instead of stole an hour of sleep that they didn’t really do.  The second job has me tired and because I was tired of working a position every weekend I hired three folks.  Hell, I am tired and getting home after 10 pm was getting old, fast.

I am over food.  I tried to make some turkey sausage this weekend.  They taste okay, but honestly pork is better.  Sighing… I can’t even stomach chicken wings, but I could use a Chic fila sandwich right now.  In fact, for the last two weeks I have only eaten catfish, shrimp and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Oh, I am addicted to popcorn.  I have a Caesar Salad with 2 ounces of beef for lunch.  I can get it down without gagging.

I do not even know if I am going to do a garden this year.  My energy level isn’t such I want the hassel, but when I go to buy tomatoes I am going to be mad.  However, preparing for a garden ain’t going to be easy for me, because I didn’t break it down and set it up for the spring.  Shit looks bad.  Maybe Easter Sunday…I do not know.

Have a great weekend! I am going to do the same…


3 thoughts on “I Am Still Here…Tired Though

    • Wow! A blast from the past. Geez, I had to go on Facebook to see if I was remembering the same person and I am so glad I did. I am doing well and congratulations on all your accomplishments and it always does my heart good to know when folks are doing good.

      • Aww thanks! I just moved back to Montgomery from Bham. Hope to see you around soon!

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