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Epic…Randoms From March to Now




When you wait too long to do a blog post, it becomes increasingly difficult to even try to. I have meant to write, ramble or post pictures since the middle of March, but to no avail.  Seriously, when you are busy on both jobs and the devil plays too much you can’t write.  Now, I am writing and this damn thing is going to epically long.  Damn.

Where to start, where to start…

I was on FB this morning and saw where Daisy Lewellyn from Blood, Sweat and Heels had lost her battle with cancer today. Rest in Peace… Cancer sucks!  She was only 36 years old.

God’s good. I have been reading blogs even if I haven’t written any.  Faith of Life, Love and Marriage gave an account of her absence and reading her story had me thinking.  I, too, have fibroids, but they were small the last time we checked.  Needless to say, I will have them checked at my next appointment.  Her story resonated in so many ways.  I pray for her continued healing.  Ladies, please be proactive about your health.

On my second job I have lost quite a few daytime workers in the last couple of weeks. I should be stressed because we do not have enough folks to cover the daytime, but I am not.  The manager went to posting in the manager journal all the days we are short and I laughed.  Why you may ask?  Because it is her fault.  Hell, one of the two days she had a full crew she allowed folks to call out.  You call out on my shift, you get three choices.  And I do mean 3 choices.  Frankly, I am tired of working a person’s position after leaving my fulltime job, because folks want to go out on a date, when they simply could have requested the day off.  So, on Tuesday I showed the manager the asterisks on the schedule, which are an indicator of a shortage of staff.  The workers knew that was what it meant.

I trained a new shift leader. She was one of the folks who called out on Tues. when she was off on all day Mon.  Um, she is probably interviewing for a new job. No seriously.  I need to care, but I can’t.

I finally filed my taxes today. What?  That money is for a new car.  I am still using my cousin’s car, but y’all last week she had to get some work on the car.  I was without transportation for a couple days and I kinda liked being picked up and taken to work.  Geez!  I am getting older…LOL!

My yard guy cut my grass on Wed. and he said my neighbor, the renters across the main street were meowing at him like cats in heat. Really?  Seriously?  I don’t deal with those neighbors.  I know they have rent parties during the first of the month usually the Fri and Sat and as long as they do not block my driveway I could care less.  My yard guy was like he doesn’t know the kind of dudes they deal with but if that works for them the dudes are crazy!  LOL! Meow…

To garden or not to garden is the question. I really do not feel like gardening this year because I just don’t feel like it.  When I get home from work I just want lie in the bed and scratch my ass and rest until I eat, bath and get ready for the next day.  Also, I am scared to go out of my back door for fear of lizards.  Imma get some sulfur this year.  However, I must have fresh flowers and what would the summer be without a sunflower or two?  I see a new contraption at the Depot that has a self-watering system which would help me maintain some tomatoes without all the extra hassle.  I plan to go to the Depot tomorrow because if Black Spring Friday.  Gotta catch the deals.

The book club is doing their bonding/bridal excursion weekend soon. Lawd, trying to schedule this thing was a mess.  Seriously, we have been trying to do so since 2014, I kid you not.  Then at the last meeting a few folks wanted to change the date because we couldn’t get the cheaper rate on the additional room.  I vetoed that shit with quickness.  I believe in follow through and we weren’t able to do so last year and I knew trying to hold off until the summer was going to be a disaster.  You know family reunions and weddings so I was like, “Look, we decided on this date two months ago and everyone was amendable to the date.  Folks have taken the time off already and to change it isn’t cool.  Plus, our member is getting married soon as well and we need to do something for her before the date.  So changing it isn’t going to work we will figure something out.”  And after about an hour we did.  But you see we have members who didn’t say anything at the meeting but spoke with me after the meeting saying thank you for keeping the date.  They tire me.

So, the Friday before Easter I was absolutely mad at my second job. I was so angry about the folks who were quitting and had quit.  I was just tired of the bullshit because there is an element of discontent and negativity during the dayshift.  Not good for business.  The owner is aware, but I just don’t think he knows how to handle the situation.  I told him his monkeys and his zoo.  Really.  Anyway, we are closed on Easter and that Saturday my sister was driving through so I could see the baby.  On that Saturday, at about 1 pm I called the store and spoke with the assistant manager who was also working that night.  Then I asked if they were busy, which they weren’t.  I finally just told her, “Look I just want to spend time with my sister and nieces and if you can handle it with a short shift, I ain’t coming that way.”  Needless to say I had a full Saturday and Sunday off.  Enjoyed the time off.  Needed it.

So yes, my sister and my nieces drove through on their way back to Virginia. And my sister left the baby with me and Hunny Bunny stayed.  So I sent out a picture to my cousins and one of them called me.  She was excited the baby was here, and then she asked if they left me with the baby and I said yeah.  She was like, “Oh Lord! Tell the baby help is on the way!”  If you know Kountry Wayne you know that is one of his catchphrases.  I did fine with the baby, plus my sister was less than 5 minutes away.

They are closing the Sears here in Montgomery. Sighing…the mall will have two ends with no anchors. Smh!

I know you folks want me talk about the governor. I can’t.  LOL!  I need to care, but all I can do is shake my head.  Politics in Alabama is cutthroat just like is larger areas in the country.  He made a mess and folks ain’t feeling it.  No I didn’t listen to the tapes.  But for a week coming to work was like knowing something new was going to come out about this situation.  The cartoons and opinion pieces were scathing.  Again, the state is on the news for crazy stuff.  Sighing…

Maxwell has a new song out, “Lake By the Ocean”. This man likes to put stuff out every 10 years or so.  I heard it first on FB live.  He sure is sexy.  It is an okay song but it isn’t touching and feeling me up with emotions like Pretty Wings, which I listen to like it came out yesterday.  That song will always have a special place in my heart.

Empire is back and I am still hanging with it. This week’s episode was something else.  The music is fire though.  I like that there aren’t a bunch of cameos, but I wished they had let the Camilla storyline drag on for a week or two more.

Seriously, did you watch Scandal last night? Shit!  I was hype for hours afterwards.  I betcha Abby will never cross Olivia again.  For real…Shonda!  When they open with an advisory be scared.  Although I knew what was going to happen, I didn’t know it was going down like THAT!  Damn…

Janet Jackson has postponed her tour again. Let me tell you when I heard that I was so thankful I got to see her in New Orleans this fall.  As much as I vacillated on the situation I am so glad I did what I needed to do.  Now, folks are all in their feelings because she wants to start a family.  I understand folks being upset; however, they also need to get their lives.  One, Janet has a history of getting ill on her tours.  Touring is very physical and demanding; you do it at her age and see how well you hold out.  Those talking about her sound kiss my as…  I watched and heard her perform and let me tell you, her vocals are better now than in the past.  Her voice is stronger and amazing.  Secondly, if you can’t understand her needing to take time off because she wants to start a family with her husband something is wrong with you.  Janet is 49 years old and this may be her last opportunity.  Who would fault her for wanting children?  Further, those saying they can’t get your money back, need to figure out how they got their tickets because she ain’t the one selling them and those who are selling them are refunding the money.  I am sorry, I ain’t paying hundreds of dollar to see any performer and you spent that kinda money, hey do you, boo, but don’t get mad about money lost.  I do not know if Janet is pregnant or going through other avenues to begin her family, but I am a believer and doing what makes you happy because life is too short not to be happy.  Folks need to find some humanity in their hearts.  Seriously.


As you can see this is a montage of my nieces Lala and Aloha. I do not know how I missed one with Hunny Bunny!

I am going to stop here, because this is entirely too long. I am going to try to do better.  I just need to get a hold of my life and find some balance.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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