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Reviews of March and April’s Ipsy Glam Bags

Since I am having such a hard time writing blog posts, I decided to do a random and unsubstantial post about my last two Ipsy Glam bags.  I have to start somewhere…

For those who do not know, Ipsy has a subscription service for beauty products where you get five sample products from different companies for face, hair, nails and so forth.  You get the idea.  So for $10 a month you get a surprise bag of goodies.  All the goodies come in small cosmetic bags.  (What the hell am I going to do with all the bags?)  This is not a sponsored post and these are my honest assessments of my bags…(for legal purposes).

I get excited about the “surprise” but I am a typical Virgo with control issues, so usually around the 25th of the month I am scouring online for a sneak peek at what could be in my bag.  What is crazy is if you do not get what you want you tend to be a bit bummed out about it.  I have been lucky so far.

So for March, I was excited about what I was getting.  The day they ship, you will have the opportunity to see exactly what is in your bag; the catch is you have to share your excitement for the bag on social media.  I do not like having to do this because seriously I do not like folks in my business, but I blog.  Don’t ask.  Anyway, I have a twitter account I never use so it now has Ipsy Glam Bag posts on it.  SMH!  Back to March’s (Hello Spring) bag, I saw I was getting a 28 Remedy toner, MUFE Hydrating primer, ModelCo lip lacquer (I kept hoping I got Morocco), Organic Surge hand cream and a make up brush.  I was excited.  And as soon as I got my package I ripped it opened and I was satisfied with my goodies.  Since the previous month I got a hair product, I decided to redo my questionnaire and of course review the products to better my bags and March’s bag made me think it really works.  I love skincare products so the toner was my favorite and FYI, I have used all of that toner, because it is that good.  The hand cream is pretty amazing as well.  Nice and thick without being overly greasy.  I have wanted to try Make Up Forever products especially their primers for a while.  This primer is more for dry skin types and I am combination oily so, this was nice to try but not really formulated for my skin.  I will be trying their mattifying primer soon.  I was so glad I got the ModelCo lip lacquer in Morocco.  Then I tried it.  I didn’t like it at all.  It is a sheer, sticky as hell lip-gloss.  I do not like lip-glosses.  I am more of a matte or semi-matte lippie wearer.  And the formula for this lip lacquer was horrible.  My lips were sticking together because of the stickiness and what is the purpose of having a color when it is that sheer?  And finally I received a blush brush, who can’t use more brushes?  It isn’t the best brush I have ever tried, but it works and does its job.  So March’s Hello Spring Glam bag was more hits than misses.


ModelCo lipgloss and the March Ipsy bag and contents

April’s Glam Bag was called The Dreamers.  When I saw what I was getting I was geeked.  I received Pur-Lisse facial masks (2), Ofra eyeshadow, City Colors highlight trio, Moroccan Oil and Tarte Cosmetics Lipsurgence lip crème in Wonder.  Yes, baby!  This satisfied my makeup addiction for the month.   As usual I opened it up immediately and tried stuff immediately.  I love facial masks and these by Pur-Lisse are amazing.  I used the Seaweed one first and loved how my face felt after I used it.  I am looking forward to using the Black Lotus + White Tea one soon.  The Ofra eyeshadow in Bohemian is a bronze color, which caters to my need for neutral colors.  I have already worn it.  I will probably not use the Moroccan Oil, because I didn’t like the smell.  I was like, ugh!  I do not know if it is supposed to have such a strong scent, but it is too much for me.  I almost redid my questionnaire to make sure I wouldn’t get anymore hair products, when I realized this oil has other uses.  I will probably be giving this one away.  The City Colors Highlighting Trio was the most coveted item I wanted.  Then I looked at them and then tried them and was so disappointed.  I just knew the colors would work…they didn’t.  They just aren’t formulated for darker skin and the highlight had me ashy, you will see.  Very funny.  When I sent the picture to my niece and she said what is sad are the amount of girls on her campus walking around looking like my picture.  So unless I am highlighting my brow bones or inner eyes this highlight will not be highlighting my face.  No way!  Finally, when I saw the lipstick color I was like here we go again with colors that do not flatter my skin color.  I could wear it, but it really isn’t my color.  I am too particular about lipsticks.  I like specific hues and pinks and corals are not on my list of favorites.  However, the bag wasn’t a complete bust because I had two loves and one I can repurpose.


Pur-Lisse Mask, Highlight NOT on Fleek, Tarte Lip Creme and the April Ipsy Bag and its contents

Two ipsy glam bag reviews.  Now if I can make a post with substance…




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