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The Why…

Let me explain why I haven’t been able to blog. I have mentioned before when my life feels chaotic or I feel I have a lack of control, writing doesn’t happen.  I tend to retreat to my books and now YouTube.

Ever since my book club’s bonding excursion in April, I have found it just plain difficult to write because my emotions are all over the place. I am angry one minute sad the next or just plain despondent.  I am smiling but I am smirking on the inside because I really do not give a damn about much right now.  Since my mood is a combination of Dark and Lovely, it has been easier to just not blog especially if I can’t be honest about what the hell is going on.  Over the last month I have experienced some things that have made me want to throat punch some folks and other times I want to curl into fetal position and stay like that.  However, I am too old for that shit.  So the alternative is to give no damns about shit.  Chances are I am smiling graciously in your face, while I have visions of my middle finger pointing up.  It is that bad…

I want to talk about how I feel about Prince’s death. I wanted to smirk some more when I saw the shade BET threw at the Billboard awards regarding their tribute.  Yet, I am cautiously optimistic because they did a tribute to him before (2010 I think) and Prince, the King of Shade, was sitting in the audience with a WTF looks and facial expressions.  I love me some Patti LaBelle, but she messed up Purple Rain.  So, I am not getting my hopes up to only have them disappointed yet again.  I have had to deal with too much this last month to go through the same shit for another month.

Oh, I have been sick too. I have allergies, bad ones.  And they knock me off my feet.  I sound and look like crap.  But I am still going to work at both jobs.  Lucky for everyone I am not contagious.  Right now I sound congested, so cute.

I have so much to ramble about, but I just can’t get it together to do them. I have pictures from the bonding excursion and book club member’s wedding.  I want to talk about The Book of Harlan by Bernice McFadden. But, I just can’t right now.  Hopefully, soon…


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