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I Am Back…Blogmas!

I am back y’all!

To prove I am back to blogging, I will be doing my version of Vlogmas, but Blogmas! I will be posting everyday up until Christmas.  Are you excited?  I am a bit nervous because it has been a while since I blogged.

Let’s catch up. I really stopped blogging because I felt censored because of my job and the election.  The election took a lot out of me.  It was a time where I wanted to say so much, but knowing I couldn’t.  And if I wanted to keep my sanity I stopped blogging.  I still read blogs but I stopped writing because I felt like I wasn’t being authentic if I couldn’t be political.  I have a question for folks though?  Really, America?


Really, America?

Let’s go back to April/May. My book club tested me and I mean it tested me to the point I was going to disband and at one point I was in tears.  Although the person who cased the issue in April apologized, I have felt some kinda way about the book club as whole.  Especially when we agreed on a meeting and date for the May meeting, in April and only two people other than myself showed up.  When I tell you I was angry and I let them have it.  We didn’t even meet in June either and I loved it because I just could not deal with their asses.  Basically, the commitment is gone.  I am thisclose to being over it.  Then we will have a meeting like October’s meeting and I am reminded why I started the book club.  However, if things do not get better I am done.  Another situation happened within the book club that opened some folk’s eyes about the truth of people.  Yea, I am being cryptic some of the members read the blog.




I did do a small flower garden. However, it wasn’t my best.  My geraniums are basically all dead now because of the drought.  Oh, we are in the middle of a drought and although it has rained, we are still below levels throughout the state.


2016 has been taking folks left and right. And I am still grieving Prince.

I have lost and gained weight throughout the last six months. However, my doctor’s appointment today shows the slow decline.  I can’t drop the weight like a teenager anymore.  My doctor and I get along now.  We make each other laugh.  Tiffany his nurse is why I keep going back.

OMG! Did you see the winter finale of HTGAWM?  I cried and was so upset.  Why?  I thought it was going to be Nate and I had psyched my head up to being fine without that body… I mean the actor on the show.

Hurry up Scandal! Because Empire delivered a secret last night that was so anticlimactic I was pissed off.

I took pictures for a Creative Cooking post. It still hasn’t been written.  I made fried corn too.

We did some refurbishing on the outside of the house. Looks great, but new wood means we also have become hosts to a yellow jacket hive.  I can’t y’all.  My yard guy got messed up by them yellow jackets.  I need to get some more spray because they have 2 hives.  One I killed the other I have no idea where.

I did my usual dishes for Thanksgiving, however, I made up my rolls and froze them a few days before Thanksgiving. I baked my sweet potatoes instead of boiling them and they tasted more like sweet potatoes instead of candied mashed potatoes, if that makes sense.

However, I cannot wait until the week of Thanksgiving to clean up. No can do.  I was so tired after I finally finished Wednesday night it was crazy.  However, my house looks good considering I had a house full.  Go me!

My sister and her 4 daughters were here for Thanksgiving. Why does Lala torture me so?  Hunny Bunny is an official teenager.  Caitlyn is a senior in college.  Finally, Aloha is so chunky y’all and she was used to me before she left.  I was able to play with her, until my back started hurting and make her laugh…too cute.


The Guy is probably the only one waiting on me to blog, but I am back. See you tomorrow.  Oh, no the blogs will not all be randoms.

Finally, do you remember my former Christmas wish blogs? Well I got one of these items a month ago tomorrow.  Can you guess what it is?  Find out tomorrow!


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