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Blogmas: Day 2 Walking In Faith and Not Fear

Since as far back as this particular item was being talked about, I have wanted it. I would put it on my online wish list as well as my vision boards.  I kept hope alive even when things kept popping up to block me getting it.  In fact, last year I pretty much gave up on it, but decided to keep saving my money.  However, it was every step forward I would take the devil would intervene and I would take two steps back.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I got a new car on Nov. 2nd.  Yep, I stepped out on faith and it happened.  What had happened was… I started to feel some kinda way about driving my cousin’s car for over a year.  Although she didn’t mind, I knew she would want to drive her smaller vehicle at some point, hell it was her car!  Further, I just didn’t want anything to happen to it while on my watch.  In fact, I got the oil changed on it the Saturday before I got my car.  Yeah, I was trying to take care of the car as best I could.

One day I called my cousin to talk me down from the edge, because I was going to cuss someone out. Just know if you mess with my family, I am coming for you.  Anyway, that is another story.  She said she wasn’t going to tell me but she had been talking to a friend who was running numbers so I could get the car I wanted.  Her words, “It’s is all in who you know.”  Seemingly, this friend had helped a few members in her lodge get new cars who she knew didn’t have good credit.  My credit ain’t bad, but I got debt man and I was only a few hundred dollars down from making a good down payment.

I hadn’t prayed for a new car in months; I had given up. When like 3 folks in my book club got new cars I started feeling some kinda way.  But the night before I got the car, I was supposed to pray because things were falling in place, however, I was so tired that night I prayed but left the car off the list.  However, I woke up the next morning with a feeling of Faith and just prayed if it was for me it would be for me.

The next afternoon, I was sitting in Debra’s office at the Chevrolet dealership in Prattville crying and praising God. I had been trying to get a car for over a year and in less than 2 hours I was driving off the lot with a brand new car.  God showed up and showed out!  I felt Him all around me as I test drove the car.  I never test drive my cars.  I make the dealer drive me around so I can feel how it rides; however, Debra took me to the car and said drive it around and meet her in the office.  I cried hard y’all.  He blessed me when there are times I do not feel worthy.  He did that.

For the record, I went in thinking I would get a regular Chevrolet Cruz. You know clothe seats and no bells and whistles.  I guess God said I deserved to experience some luxuries.   It has a remote start, keyless entry, leather seats, Sirius, On Star, amazing space and so much more.


Me new 2016 Chevrolet Cruz Premier…Thankful and Blessed!

Every obstacle that was placed in front of me and the ones I put on myself were walked over. Now I do have a car note, but as long as I budget properly things are going to be great.  I was scared y’all, but grace covered me and I stood on Faith because God has me!

See you tomorrow!


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