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Blogmas: Day 3 Christmas Spirit

I remember when I used to put my Christmas decorations and tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Those were the good old days.  Nowadays, I am usually trying to rest and clean up a bit after guests leave.  I am janky because I woke up Sunday saying next weekend.

Y’all I don’t like going in my storage shed. When I went to start my container garden this spring/summer and I had to go in the shed, I opened that sucker up and it was raining damn lizards.  You know I can’t deal with lizards.  Mind you I open the door and jumped back but there was one too many lizards chilling in the frame of the door.  Ugh!  Did I mention the damn spiders too?  I guess Saturday or Sunday I will get things out.  Now you know I now have everything including the tree in plastic containers which are very secure, but the old fear of lizards is real.  Sighing…

I also didn’t do any Black Friday shopping or Thanksgiving Day shopping. I know.  It has been a decade or more since I not shopped.  I am sticking to my budget because I want to pay off some bills.  So shopping wasn’t on the agenda.  I plan to give gifts to my nieces and I am making gifts again this year but I will remain on budget.

However, what is missing is the Christmas spirit the feeling of grace and family. I don’t want to go through the motions of Christmas, I want to feel Christmas in every fiber of my being.  It is kinda hard because how things have gone this year, but I am determine to find the spirit that made me love Christmas from the time I was a child to an adult.

How is your Christmas spirit this year?


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