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Blogmas: Day 4 Hunny Bunny and Her Dad

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my niece was blessed to spend time with her Dad, who she hadn’t seen in a long while.

Hunny Bunny is a teenager and nothing enthuses her now. You know how teenagers get at this age.  I for some reason was glad she would be able to spend time with him.

A couple things happened which reinforced how God intervenes for our best.

  • My sister thought he was in Mobile and would have to drive up to see Hunny Bunny. Guess what? He was in Montgomery. Look at Him!
  • My sister didn’t want to have phone conversation with him, but I and her oldest daughter encouraged her too. Worked out for the best. Want He do it!
  • Hunny Bunny came back two days smiling ear to ear and she enjoyed the outings. And is opened to spending more time with him. God is good, do you hear me!

Hunny Bunny is this smart and quirky girl whose personality is amazing, but this last year she has had to deal with a lot of change in her life and I just wanted her to have her own piece of happiness.   God really does look out for us and we just have to be open His grace.


Hunny Bunny and Her Dad…Twinning though!


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