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What Do I Want For Christmas? Blogmas Day 6

I know, I know I am too old to have a Christmas list, but a woman can dream, right?

My list isn’t too long or grandiose. Just a couple of things any girl who has to adult would want.


Ring Alarm. Can be found on ring.com and online.

  1. I really want the Ring Alarm. OMG! When one of my FBF posted this on her timeline my heart jumped for joy. It is a doorbell that you can see who is at the door by them ringing it or the motion detector that is also on the doorbell. This is amazeballs! You can view and speak through an app on your cell phone. All you need is Wi-Fi. And y’all know I finally got Wi-Fi a few years ago. This would make me feel so secure about my home. As a victim, anything that can make me feel secure is great to me. And it won’t set you back more than $179…pretty please Santa!
  2. An easy to use or learn video editing program for a PC not an Apple. I want to do YouTube, but I don’t want to take a course to learn to edit I want to be able to teach myself how to edit.
  3. Faux nose ring. Because I have always wanted a little diamond stud in my nose but, it isn’t really comparable in my full time position, heck or my part-time job. But this gives me a chance to fulfill my dream without committing to it. Also, only the hoop kind because the stud ones come with magnets and I watch Monsters Inside Me and I ain’t about that life!
  4. Amazon gift cards because I do now own a Kindle Fire.
  5. I want everyone to have at least one day of peace where they are not connected to negativity and they can find their moment of happiness and joy. I know it is hard to do so in these times with all that is going on around us, but everyone deserves a day of peace, joy and happiness. Finding your smile is a great present for everyone. Knowing folks are happy for a moment in time, makes me happy and would be a great Christmas gift!

See you tomorrow!


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