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Blogmas: Day 11 YouTube

One of my guilty pleasures since I discovered how addicting it can be is YouTube. As a lover of makeup, clothing and being just plain nosey. I have found YouTube to be a great way to fulfill my need for all things makeup, clothes and even drama. Things you see on YouTube are abundant. You know you can find anything on YouTube, anything.   Hell, I learned about the specs on my car from YouTube, but I still need to search for the video to show me how to work things on it.

I am addicted to the Vlogs, especially daily vloggers. Vloggers are those who video their lives almost like a reality show. I give them credit for being consistent and being able to build an audience of faithful followers. It is because of some of them I have thought about vacations I would like to take, places I would like to go to for my 50th birthday and things I would like to do.   As much as I love the makeup tutorials and hauls, daily vlogs are my entertainment. I probably watch them more than regular television and Netflix.   Real talk.

My top ones to watch are the following:

The Socialite TV – Sande and Juice were the first daily vlog I subscribed to, after watching their old vlogs of two years prior I was hooked. It is like watching a family member as they grow, expand and the manage to just keep you laughing. Sande and Juice just had twins and I now have some new cousins to follow. I probably really like Sande because she curses like a sailor and we all know my mouth is a hot mess.

Keesha Keeley Anderson – First of all I am too old to be watching this young lady, but she has one of the best personalities of daily vloggers. She is committed and she is so open with her life and that her transparency is what keeps you returning daily to see what she is up to.   However, what is inspiring is all that she has accomplished with all she has been through. Kudos to her. Plus, sometimes she is hilarious.

The Daily Davidson – Now this is a family vlog that is so cute and engrossing. Plus, omg the drone shots TJ, the dad, does are gorgeous.   The editing in this vlog is amazing.   I started following them seriously after they went to DR and the shots were absolutely amazing. And they have the cutest 3 sons. And I still go back and watch the vlog where they were taking Carter, the youngest, 1 year old pictures and TJ, the dad, let his balloon go and Carter side-eyed him so hard I cried laughing. Wholesome content on the channel, plus they are an adorable family.

Jamie and Nikki – This couple is from Australia and has an adorable daughter. This vlog isn’t daily but twice a week. However, if you want to see top notch editing with great music you are going to want to check them out. They travel and give back, which are what makes them endearing. I read about their story and started watching their vlogs and I look forward to new vlogs every week.

Jasmine Rose – She has a makeup channel, which I love, but it was her vlog channel that made me a follower of both channels. She is so genuine in her spirit and she is so relatable. She is funny, adorable and so underrated. Her personality is what really won me over.

Anyway, if you like watching YouTube videos, vlogs in particular, check out the above. You will not be disappointed.


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