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Blogmas 12: How Was Your Weekend?

Well, I am patting myself on the back because I blogged all weekend, meaning I wrote and posted on Sat. and Sun. Yes, I actually made time to blog instead of scheduling the posts.  However, next weekend those posts are going to be scheduled, because I have a book club meeting to get ready for, a meeting and time to recuperate.

So what did you do this weekend? I was busy all weekend, but y’all this damn cold is so disrespectful.  I just couldn’t stay warm.  My heat is on!  And today it is 67 degrees compared to the 28 degrees of Friday and Saturday morning.  I can’t with the weather.

Saturday, I asked my sister to call me when she got up, but of course she didn’t. I was awake at 8 but I refused to go out into my storage shed until the temperatures were in the 40s.  The thought of going in the freezing cold was too much for my mind to wrap around.  However, I did make it out the storage shed and got out my decorations and put them in the house.  Then I headed out to get the things I needed for cooking and baking.  I had planned to put up the tree before I went to work and finish decorating after work, but um, that was a joke.  I took a 40 minute nap and went to work.  I came home from work and put the tree up and took my ass to bed.  It was too cold for all that decorating.

Sunday, I was up and at them because I needed to decorate, mix up cookie doughs and clean. With the help of my SiriusXM app on my phone, I was musically motivated to get things done.  I even started the bath bombs I am making.

Speaking of the bath bombs, making these bath bombs are going to be a trip because my members are either getting one bath bomb or two depending on my mood. The recipe I have only yields 5 bombs three round and two hearts.  I have to make 4 more batches.  Child…the way my time is set up.  It might not happen!

Sunday I also had to go to work that evening and I had an interview and a schedule to finish. However, it wasn’t as cold as it had been the past two nights.  Thank goodness!  I returned home and mixed up a cookie dough and scooped up the dough and placed them in the refrigerator until Thursday.  I felt so accomplished yesterday especially because I got a lot on my to-do list done.  I am just trying to avoid the crying breakdown right before my meeting Saturday.


Bath bombs, decorations throughout the house and my tree!

I hope you had an accomplished weekend as well and I will see you tomorrow!


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