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Blogmas Day 13: Negativity

In this post- election time, with the Clementine Satan (got this reference from Denene Millner) about to take reigns in a little over a month, there is so much negativity floating around. Whether it is online or in real life, right now things are so damn gray.

Prior to November, the negativity would almost strangle me because once you allow it to seep into your being, soul it is so hard to get it off of you. Writing is a great way to ease some of that, but the way things are nowadays freedom of speech has limitations, if you want to keep your job.  So I vented to family and we really vented in book club meetings.  You know what?  It didn’t make the negativity disappear.  As much as you try to shake it off, it was right there to clawing at you so it can be seen and heard.

I am getting better with how I handle the negativity. Basically, I get off social media and go to my happy place.  Whether it mindless YouTube tutorials or well-written books, I am turning on something else where negativity isn’t the drama to keep me interested.  I stopped watching reality TV because of the negativity.  I stopped watching the news.  Yes, I stopped watching the news.  I read the news and not on Facebook.  I read what interests me and bypass the propaganda they want to make us think is real news when it is really just negativity posing as news.

With the holidays here, if you concentrate and focus on negativity your spirit will be dampen and depression has a space to invade and we do not want that. We can’t control what the future has for us, but we can control how much negativity we allow in our space.  Find your happy place and not allow the negative to control us.  We need all our energy for the fight we have ahead us, but for right now focus on the good.


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