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Blogmas Day 14: Office Christmas Party (Gathering)

I am in the Legal division of our agency, duh! And we usually have a pot luck luncheon for Christmas.  It is a time to fellowship and get to know new folks and really just catch up to each other’s lives.  I have been with the Agency 12 years ago (13 years before I can retire).  I ain’t counting.  Anyway, most of these folks I have known the entire 12 years some are newer, but for the most part we get along.  We support each other during the hard times and we damn sure can make each other laugh.  Really I just like there is no drama.  Before I worked here I worked for a domestic violence agency full of women and when I left it was one the best days of my life.

Anyway, back to our luncheon today. My ass is full.  I don’t want dinner.  I want to go to sleep.  Y’all we can cook.  Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of our spread, but know we how to bring it.  And everyone from our department was there, which doesn’t happened often because the attorneys are always out of the office.

Let me see if I can recount what we had: Drinks with tea, ham, chicken tenders, chicken casserole, sweet potato soufflé, squash, creamed corn, baked beans, broccoli crunch salad, Asian slaw, homemade yeast rolls, and a couple of other casseroles that I can’t remember, banana pudding, cake and brownies.  Yeah, we had a lot of food.  One of the attorneys keeps surprising me because he can cook!  He always loves the things I bring for lunch, but it seems he should be bringing me lunch!  LOL!

We had a great time fellowshipping. For the last 2 years, I have missed the luncheon because I would always be off on the Friday, because that is before book club, but having on Wednesday was a great idea.

Lawd, I am still rubbing my tummy! What did your office or job do for the holidays?


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