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Blogmas Day 16: DIY Bath Bombs


DIY Bath Bombs…


Have you ever heard of Lush or used their products? They are amazing products and the variety of bath bombs and scrubs makes them not only popular, but they are also expensive.  When I think of things I can give to my book club members, I am always looking for the most economical gift, which sometimes means DIY.  Which, I like to do, but at times it can be a chore or overwhelming.  This year was no different than previous years, DIY which had me cursing but praising the final outcome.  This year I decided I was going to do bath bombs, just like Lush or something close to it.


One round bath bomb and one heart bath bomb…

Scouring the Internet for recipes and watching numerous YouTube videos, where there were kids under 12 making them, I knew I could do it. What I didn’t realize the batches don’t yield many bath bombs.  At. All.  The first recipe I tried yielded 5 bombs.  So I tried another one and it yielded 4 bombs.  Yeah, FML!  However, I preferred the second recipe better because it wasn’t as much oils in the product, which the wetter the product the longer it takes to dry and with only 4 molds I didn’t have time for all that.


I did a good job if I do say so myself…

Things I learned doing bath bombs:

  1. It is a messy job. I hate things on my hands so I was constantly washing my hands only to have to wash them again. A mess. Next Thanksgiving my sister and niece are helping…LOL!
  2. You must be patient. If you try to take the molds off too soon, you will lose the shape of the bath bomb.
  3. Your entire house will smell like Ginger Lime, Ginger Peach and Cranberry Citrus.
  4. They actually work. I would have hated if I made them and they didn’t dissolve in a colorful, fizzy show. It would have been a waste.
  5. The supplies to make the bath bombs are much cheaper than the cost of the bath bombs at Lush. However, it is okay to splurge at times, but when you are gifting 12 folks you want to make it yourself when it is simple but messy do.

Will I do this again? Absolutely!  I am a glutton for punishment!


Bath bombs and the gift bags for my book club members!



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