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Blogmas Day 17: Preparing for Book Club Holiday Meeting


Every year since 1999 I have hosted the December book club meeting. This is the meeting most members look forward to because they are going to get good food and the spirit of Christmas when they walk into the house.  Well back in 1999, I decorated the outside of the house and our house was lit up and was the brightest house on the street.  Those were the days…

In the early days I had help. My cousins who are now in their late 20s and early 30s would come over and answer the door and act as greeters all in exchange for food.  Cheap help is hard to find nowadays.  Back then I also had over 20 members, which I would pray wouldn’t all show up.  I know that is mean, but hell it was true.

My aunt and uncle would be present in the house but unless you went to the back of the house you would never know they were there. I smile thinking about those times.  My uncle would look at the aftermath of the food table and say the women grazed like cows.  Deadpan serious.

My uncle died in 2007 two days before Thanksgiving and I remember my members weren’t sure if I would decorate and even host the meeting in its grandeur. I did.  It was hard because I was still grieving and getting use to the new normal.  After my aunt died in 2010, I made it my business not to allow the sadness of the time to dampen the meeting and it didn’t.  That is when me and The Guy reconnected.

Today my book club consists of 13 members including myself, which is so much better than the larger groups we once had. I don’t have to cook as much, don’t judge me.  It takes a lot to prepare for the meeting and sometimes if you have read my blog long enough I would get sick.  Imagine trying to cook and clean when you feel like shit.  Definitely not a good look, but thank goodness I am feeling good and I have been working on my to-do list all week.  And I am more prepared than last year, I hope.  Although I make the tokens I give the members now, but back in the day I would spend mad money getting gifts.  I think the handmade gifts show I felt they were worth my time and money for a thoughtful gift.  I do not make elaborate desserts.  We are older now so I get some wine and point them to the liquor cabinet so they can mix their own drinks.  What?  I host but I ain’t serving you.  This year I do plan to get a picture of all the food, unlike last year they acted like they were starving to death but some meetings I get nothing to eat because y’all know I don’t eat cheese but they love it.  LOL!  I used to have things like cheese balls and straws at the meeting, not anymore.  If I ain’t going to eat it I ain’t making it.  Stop judging me!

What my members never really think about is I have to prepare to host the meeting and I have to prepare for the discussion of the meeting.  That is a lot of work that I think they take for granted.  However, celebrating Christmas is my thing and I wouldn’t do it any other way.  Here’s to a good meeting, which I hope will not be our last holiday meeting.


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