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Blogmas Day 18: Book Club Meeting Success!

I made it through the meeting, but it was touch and go prior to the meeting. I seemed to be on schedule but some how or another by 5:30 things seem to be going astray. Let’s start at the beginning.


Time to enjoy the meeting…

I had a things-to-do list for seven days before the meeting. Each day consisted of making gifts, cookies or food and cleaning. I stuck to my schedule religiously. I didn’t just come home every evening and watch YouTube or television. I came home with a mission in mind. So by Thursday, I only had to bake cookies and get some items from Sam’s Club.   Don’t tell my sister but I did get two different chopped salads from Sam’s only because they were only $2.58 a piece. Another side note, I almost had a meltdown in Sam’s because they didn’t have the big bag of chocolate candy, you know the one with the Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But I searched high and low to find them and I did. I meant I was sticking to my budget.


The cookies…All of them.

So Thursday night I baked cookies and marinated my jerk chicken wings. And I finished by 1:30 am, which is better than that 2:30 am of the previous year. By having the cookies already made and scooped made things run smoothly. When I was finished though I was pissed. Why you may ask? WOW cable. Y’all they are always working on the cable. And when they do you may be without cable, Internet and phone from 12:30 am until 6:30 am. For those of you new to my blog, I sleep with the television on and I really cannot sleep without it. So I called and waited 20 minutes to talk to a representative because I needed to know why they do not let their customers know of the outage and why they do not credit us for the inability to use the service we pay for. Needless to say, although they were nice, they couldn’t answer the questions. Anyway, I tried to sleep but it was rough and I didn’t go to sleep fully until 4:30 am, when the television came back on.

Friday I had a late start because of my lack of sleep. But I went to the grocery store and bread store and came home and politely took a nap.   Did I mention the temperature was a nice 52 degrees? I got up from my nap and cooked my jerk wings, honey barbecue wings and garlic Parmesan wings. Then I had to head to the 2nd job to drop off the cookies and pick up my Bottom of the Lake dip.   When I got back home I did my fruit tray, finished cleaning the den and living room, set up a couple more things and headed to bed. I slept well that night.

Saturday I got up and made my chicken salad and ham salad sandwiches. The sauce for my meatballs and set up the tables and headed out to pick up my punch. When I got home I finished cleaning and setting up my food like the stuffed mushrooms and then I took a much needed hour nap. I woke to take a bath and beat my face. Then it was time to baked the mushrooms and set up the drink station. I mixed up the chopped salads and grilled my shrimp.   No sooner had I finished the doorbell rang with the first guest. However, I had on my lock sock and no lipstick on and I was walking around barefoot.


The spread…This time I was able to take pictures…

The meeting was great.   All my members showed up and they bought their community service gifts (we donated towels sets to the Brantwood Children’s Home). We discussed current events; we discussed life and had a great book discussion of Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson. I gave the ladies the bath bombs and they loved them.   We had a great time fellowshipping and it was wonderful. Oh, by the way the temperature that day was in the mid 70s. We going to hell! I couldn’t open the windows like I usually do because it was hot so I had to turn on the AC in the house not in the den though I didn’t want anyone to get sick.


All the members!

Everyone was gone by 9 pm and I was in the bed by 9:40. How you may ask? I am an organized cleaner which means once I organize the dishes it takes me no time to clean. I finally got to enjoy the food and thanks to my wine I had a great night’s sleep. Another holiday book club meeting under my belt!


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