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Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

It is almost that time of year to think about what you want to accomplish and do for 2017. I have been doing a vision board for several years now.  Believe it or not, they actually work in keeping you aware of your goals and even if you don’t quite get all your visions to happen, you can see a tangible account of your progress.


My current vision board. Yes, I have OCD and things must be in order…Don’t Judge me…LOL!

My sister looked at my vision board when she was here for Thanksgiving and she said that the differences in our overall look of the board are quite different. She tends to have pictures overlapping and such and my board is neat and organized.  Yes it is and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I review my board every day and repeat the inspirational sayings every day as well.  At least for next year the Chevrolet Cruz can finally come off the board.  Go me!

Last year I traveled more. This year not so much.  Next year I am going to travel and update my passport.  So I will definitely have pictures representing travel.  I also plan to work on getting my YouTube channel going.  But first, I need an editing program that is easy to learn.  Further, I hope to garner some extra income to pay off some bills and I want to volunteer more.  Finally, my board will be a motivation to lose weight.  For real this next year.

Your vision board should be the way you like it and should be a motivation to have a productive and blessed year ahead. One thing that is noticeable on my vision boards is all the inspirational words I have placed all over the board.  Nothing is impossible with God on your side.  Real talk.

So next week I will be gathering my pictures and getting ready to make my vision for 2017 amazing!


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