Robo Calls…Ugh!

Robo calls, telemarketers, scam calls etc.  I do not know about you but these calls are the bane of my existence.  Every day I get at least one of these robo calls from everywhere in the United States to Jamaica.  Each time I see them on my cell phone or even my landline phone a bit of my good spirit breaks into pieces.  Imagine getting 5 of these calls in one day?  I have literally been reduced to tears because the sheer amount of them.  What the hell can we as consumers do to stop this shit?

I do not know how to block the calls from my landline phones.  I have two lines at home and luckily both lines have Caller ID so I rarely answer either line.  I know you are asking why I have two landline lines and why do I have a landline phone anyway.  I have kept my aunt’s phone line because it is the family line so when folks are trying to reach family members they can call that line and it is also the line associated with my security system.  Yes, my system is old and we need a landline phone.  Judge yourself!  I have my own personal landline phone because I just feel more comfortable having two sources of contact.  All my phones landline and cell are on the Do Not Call Registry, which means absolutely nothing.

On the family landline phone the calls are usually telemarketers or the groups soliciting funds for the police, sheriff’s etc.  My aunt was very active with the Relay for Cancer group and I told them two or three years ago she had died and would no longer be able to help her and to please remove her from their list.  They are still calling.  It is rude, man.

Sometimes if I am froggy I will answer my cell phone to see if I am talking to a live person, rarely does that happen.  I did this one time and the guy was all friendly and he asked who he was talking to and I responded, “I do not know, you called me.”  That man cursed me out and told me I was broke and didn’t have any money anyway and then hung up.  My mouth was wide open in shock.  I reported it to the FCC but it doesn’t matter because I reported a call I got from Florida from a guy with an accent and attitude when I went to asking him questions.  Nothing happens.  I do block the numbers on my cell phone but what good does that do if they clog up your voicemail with robo messages.  Annoying!

Most of the calls are scams of some such from auto warranties to you have won a vacation on a cruise.  I know the calls are randomly done so it is hard get them to stop, but I am at my wits end.  Yesterday morning I had 3 calls in the span of an hour from three different numbers, two had already been put on my block list and I had to add the other one.  Does this bother anyone else but me?