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I am many things but I am known for being the founder of The Imani Book Club in Montgomery, Alabama.  I originally started this blog on blogger and it concentrated mostly on my Sisterlocks® and after having them for some years now, I have very little to say about them and frankly I have way more to talk about then my hair.  I cook and you will see lots of Creative Cooking spots where I try out recipes and create them as well.  I review books those I am reading for the book club and those I read outside the book club, because seriously I read as I breathe…it is that serious.  I love my family and I have been in a long-term relationship with The Guy.  I may not look like I am over 40, but I am.  I am also half-way crafty.  So you will see things I like to make and give away as gifts.  So this blog covers quite a bit of my life and what I think about it.  I ramble and do a lot of randoms so be on the lookout for my stream of consciousness posts.  Although I have 3 degrees, two jobs and no kids I still can be funny and silly.  Join me on this journey through life.


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