I Really Am Back, but…

I have to work on my 10 year Sisterlock anniversary blog.  I need to talk about this New Year.  I wish I could talk about the clusterfuck that is our three branches of government.  I am hoping I can do a farewell letter to President Obama.  There is so much I need to write, but I am sad, yet again.

Next week we say goodbye to President Obama.  And we are in anomaly of uncertainty with a government that is operating in manner that is so outside of the realms of normality.  I am going to miss the calmness and levelness of his demeanor.  Right now y’all have an incoming elected official tweeting…like that is Presidential.  So, yes I am feeling dark right now and can’t write like I want to.  I am sorry and I hope I can pull myself out of this nightmare that is really life right now.

Look Auburn and Alabama lost.

We experienced winter this past Friday and weekend for it to be currently 66 degrees.

The earth is off its axis, obviously.  And so am I.  I will be back to make you laugh, think and learn, however, I ain’t in the mood right now.


Obligatory Sisterlock Anniversary Post…Late as usual


Sisterlocks in Pipe Cleaners. Done on 1/18/16. Took 3 hours due to the length of my hair.


On January 9, 2016, I have had my Sisterlocks for 9 years. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that long and at other times it seems too damn long.

When I got my Sisterlocks I was enamored with my hair and had hair length goals. I loved my locks and could only say the things I detested were washing my hair and my dry scalp at the beginning.  As they got older, I worried about the health of my locks because some of them thinned, came out and weren’t looking their bests.  However, today I feel like I have for the last couple of years, indifference.  I wasn’t my hair when I got Sisterlocks and am surely not my hair today.

My hair goes past my butt and some of the newbies, who I know come to my blog looking for Sisterlock information, are probably in awe and maybe a little envious. Don’t be.  I want to cut my hair desperately.  It is entirely too long for my comfort.  I have to wear my hair up in buns or I am going to sit on the hair or my purse is going to pull a lock out.  Believe me that isn’t fun.  It also puts stress on the locks as well, which is never good.  I just want to style my hair that’s all.  Right now I am stuck with the buns and occasional ponytail and braidouts and twistouts.  This week my hair is pipe cleaners.  I did them in pipe cleaners a couple of times last year.  However, I do not know when I will do them again because it took me 3 hours to do.  Yes, 3 hours.  I ain’t about that life.  At all!

Over these 9 years I have learned a lot about myself and my hair. My hair is currently quite healthy although I do need to moisturize more.  It isn’t this perfectly gridded hair anymore and I do not care.  In the beginning you are enthralled with keeping the grid intact, but live on because when you have to marry locks to strengthen or you lose a portion of the lock and so forth you will understand the grid doesn’t make your hair less Sisterlocked, it just shows the ability to adapt your hair in ways to make sure it is healthy.  I do not correct folks on whether my hair is dreadlocked or Sisterlocked anymore.  I do not care, plus that means a whole other discussion on the differences and after all these years I would rather not have that discussion.

Getting Sisterlocks 9 years ago was a great idea. I have said before I just wished I had taken more time to learn my hair in its natural state, but I am thankful for the Sisterlocks because it has brought about ease with my hair routine.  I retighten every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on if I have had a growth spurt, which happens occasionally.  I wash regularly and although I try not to get all tense about doing it, I still do.  It isn’t the washing that is the issue it is the time it takes to dry.  I tend to sit under the dryer in the fall/winter and air dry with some blow drying in the summer. I have a head full of grey hair now and the Sisterlocks do not hide it.  I don’t care either.  I have been asked if I will ever color it and my answer is mostly not.  Color can damage one’s lock if not taken care of properly.  Further it would require me to go to a shop to have it done, and if they aren’t familiar with coloring locks it could end up being a disaster.  No thank you.  Plus, I ain’t sitting in a shop for hours trying to get my hair done.  When I went to my consultant it was just her and me.  No waiting and only working on my head.

My routine is I retighten every 4-6 weeks and I do it over a few days depending on my motivation. Wash regularly with a clarifying shampoo or Sisterlock shampoo in Green tea.  I use the moisture conditioner and reconstructer conditioner when my hair needs it.  I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil especially during the winter on my scalp.  I still use Crimps and Curls for braid out and setting hair styles.  And that is it. I really wish I could find a large lock cap that will work with all this hair.  FYI, I cannot sleep with my hair down it must be in a bun on top of head and done properly or I will have neck pain when I wake up.  Learned that the hard way.  Because this hair is heavy and hot.

So yeah, I have had Sisterlocks for 9 years and you can tell it. I love my hair but it isn’t who I am as a person.  I take care of it and try to make it presentable at all times.  Folks still stop and ask me about my hair male and female.  Since I have had my hair rolled on the pipe cleaners, folks just want to touch it.  Why, Lawd?  That drives me crazy.  It is just hair.  LOL!

If you have some specific questions about Sisterlocks you can ask, but coming to my blog for hair updates and such will not help you, sorry. I rarely talk about my hair now.  The end…