Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for this season.  I hope you have enjoyed my version of blogmas as well. I did it. So I am officially back to blogging.

Merry Christmas!


From me to all, Merry Christmas!




Blogmas Day 24: It’s Christmas Eve!

It is Christmas Eve! I been up since 7 am, went out at a little before 9 am to run errands.  Nothing extravagant just food for my dishes and food for my soul.

I went to two stores in the mall. I didn’t like the vibe I got at the Mac counter. I guess they thought I was going to steal something right in front of the register, so I left. I went to Sephora, which is inside Jcpenny. I asked about pigments and the associate had no clue about what I was talking about. She even said all our eyeshadow has pigments. Um, really? You should know makeup if you work in Sephora. I left.

The day wasn’t a bust, I finally had some authentic Pho from Vn Pho here in Montgomery.  Amazing! I also had their fresh spring rolls, so great!

It’s Christmas Eve and I hope you are ready for tomorrow! Prayers and blessing to you all!




Blogmas Day 21: Holiday/Winter Blues

Tis the season to be jolly and decking the halls, but this season for some people also brings on the blues. It’s a feeling of sadness which seems to come out of nowhere and envelops some people.  I find sometimes the holidays bring on a bit of melancholy and for the most part I can shake it off, but not everyone can.

This type of blues is a form of depression that can linger for some and move on with others. We all handle things differently and what may work for me may not work for you.  When I feel the holiday blues tapping on my shoulders, it is usually when the weather is dark, wet and cold.  I feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and all I want to see is the sun, no amount of Christmas decorations or songs can make it go away.  I know I didn’t get this feeling as much when I was able to give more.  I prefer to give presents and living on a tight budget doesn’t make it easy.  I love to see folk’s faces when they receive a thoughtful gift, now I am surrounded by folks who are my age or older watching the children and the elderly receive gifts.  I am not jealous; I am just upset I couldn’t do more.

Last year, Christmas Eve was bad. It stormed and we had flash floods all day.  My phone’s weather app was going off every hour stirring up my anxiety and scaring the shit out of me.  All I wanted was a Chic Fi la sandwich but because of the weather I didn’t dare leave the house.  The rain of the week had me all in my feelings.  I was sad.  No other words for it.  Yes, I missed my aunt and my uncle but I was just sad because the day was wet and dark.  However, Christmas morning was sunny and bright and my mood was much better.

A few years ago, it was another dark, overcast Christmas Eve and I was just upset all day. I felt alone, which is a rare feeling for me, an introvert.  I even had a boyfriend at the time.  Yet, I felt the sadness of being alone.  And the next day as I made my way over to my cousin’s house in the rain, I felt just blue and not because I was alone but just not my usual jolly loving Christmas self.  I think I felt like that because I had to go to work the next day, but still I was truly sad.  I remember going to bed that night thankful I made it through the day because I was seriously over Christmas.

I wrote all this to say there are people who deal with issues just like you do. The holiday blues are real and they haunt some of us for differing reasons.  Some years are better than others, but each time I have found my way to claw, crawl and emancipate myself from the darkness of my emotions.  I just wished it wasn’t dependent on whether the sun comes out or not.  The last couple of days my anxiety has been strong, but it has been raining off and on for days but looking out my office window today and seeing the sun has settled me some and I can only imagine what a few more days of sun will do for me.

Blogmas 12: How Was Your Weekend?

Well, I am patting myself on the back because I blogged all weekend, meaning I wrote and posted on Sat. and Sun. Yes, I actually made time to blog instead of scheduling the posts.  However, next weekend those posts are going to be scheduled, because I have a book club meeting to get ready for, a meeting and time to recuperate.

So what did you do this weekend? I was busy all weekend, but y’all this damn cold is so disrespectful.  I just couldn’t stay warm.  My heat is on!  And today it is 67 degrees compared to the 28 degrees of Friday and Saturday morning.  I can’t with the weather.

Saturday, I asked my sister to call me when she got up, but of course she didn’t. I was awake at 8 but I refused to go out into my storage shed until the temperatures were in the 40s.  The thought of going in the freezing cold was too much for my mind to wrap around.  However, I did make it out the storage shed and got out my decorations and put them in the house.  Then I headed out to get the things I needed for cooking and baking.  I had planned to put up the tree before I went to work and finish decorating after work, but um, that was a joke.  I took a 40 minute nap and went to work.  I came home from work and put the tree up and took my ass to bed.  It was too cold for all that decorating.

Sunday, I was up and at them because I needed to decorate, mix up cookie doughs and clean. With the help of my SiriusXM app on my phone, I was musically motivated to get things done.  I even started the bath bombs I am making.

Speaking of the bath bombs, making these bath bombs are going to be a trip because my members are either getting one bath bomb or two depending on my mood. The recipe I have only yields 5 bombs three round and two hearts.  I have to make 4 more batches.  Child…the way my time is set up.  It might not happen!

Sunday I also had to go to work that evening and I had an interview and a schedule to finish. However, it wasn’t as cold as it had been the past two nights.  Thank goodness!  I returned home and mixed up a cookie dough and scooped up the dough and placed them in the refrigerator until Thursday.  I felt so accomplished yesterday especially because I got a lot on my to-do list done.  I am just trying to avoid the crying breakdown right before my meeting Saturday.


Bath bombs, decorations throughout the house and my tree!

I hope you had an accomplished weekend as well and I will see you tomorrow!

What Do I Want For Christmas? Blogmas Day 6

I know, I know I am too old to have a Christmas list, but a woman can dream, right?

My list isn’t too long or grandiose. Just a couple of things any girl who has to adult would want.


Ring Alarm. Can be found on and online.

  1. I really want the Ring Alarm. OMG! When one of my FBF posted this on her timeline my heart jumped for joy. It is a doorbell that you can see who is at the door by them ringing it or the motion detector that is also on the doorbell. This is amazeballs! You can view and speak through an app on your cell phone. All you need is Wi-Fi. And y’all know I finally got Wi-Fi a few years ago. This would make me feel so secure about my home. As a victim, anything that can make me feel secure is great to me. And it won’t set you back more than $179…pretty please Santa!
  2. An easy to use or learn video editing program for a PC not an Apple. I want to do YouTube, but I don’t want to take a course to learn to edit I want to be able to teach myself how to edit.
  3. Faux nose ring. Because I have always wanted a little diamond stud in my nose but, it isn’t really comparable in my full time position, heck or my part-time job. But this gives me a chance to fulfill my dream without committing to it. Also, only the hoop kind because the stud ones come with magnets and I watch Monsters Inside Me and I ain’t about that life!
  4. Amazon gift cards because I do now own a Kindle Fire.
  5. I want everyone to have at least one day of peace where they are not connected to negativity and they can find their moment of happiness and joy. I know it is hard to do so in these times with all that is going on around us, but everyone deserves a day of peace, joy and happiness. Finding your smile is a great present for everyone. Knowing folks are happy for a moment in time, makes me happy and would be a great Christmas gift!

See you tomorrow!

How was your weekend randoms?

I am sitting here tired as can be. I have been busy all day and this was my first break I have had all day.  I didn’t even get to go on my usual walk.  Well, it was raining and it is too cool to walk outside.

My weekend was uneventful. I worked Friday night and things went quite smooth.  Thank you, Lawd!

Saturday, I woke up to rain and a chill I had a hard time shaking. So…I slept most of the day.  Then it was time for work again.  I had two interviews to do.  One young lady was nice enough, but when the owner doesn’t want to see visible tattoos, it eliminates a lot of the folks applying.  The next young lady had been trying to get a job for a minute and I felt for her because I could see the discouragement all over her.  I hope I was able to impart some Faith and wisdom.

The Lord has been showing out because Sunday I was working with a short shift, but when I arrived I had a full shift. Want He do it!

I made crockpot loaded bake potato soup. I hope I can post the recipe and pictures this week.

I also went to Hobby Lobby and found the molds I need to make the bath bombs. Go me!  You all know if you have been following my blog for a while I am always looking for some craft to give away as Christmas gifts.


Balls and a heart…

I would really like some ice cream right now.

My cousin sent me a video of her and a little puppy. I was like she got a new dog.  But nope, she is dog sitting a Christmas gift.  A cute Chihuahua puppy but those breeds are too damn loud as little dogs.  LOL!

Anyway, sorry this post is so random, but I got lots of work to do, a newsletter to start and complete and the things I need to do when I get home.

Have a great rest of the day!

Blogmas: Day 3 Christmas Spirit

I remember when I used to put my Christmas decorations and tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Those were the good old days.  Nowadays, I am usually trying to rest and clean up a bit after guests leave.  I am janky because I woke up Sunday saying next weekend.

Y’all I don’t like going in my storage shed. When I went to start my container garden this spring/summer and I had to go in the shed, I opened that sucker up and it was raining damn lizards.  You know I can’t deal with lizards.  Mind you I open the door and jumped back but there was one too many lizards chilling in the frame of the door.  Ugh!  Did I mention the damn spiders too?  I guess Saturday or Sunday I will get things out.  Now you know I now have everything including the tree in plastic containers which are very secure, but the old fear of lizards is real.  Sighing…

I also didn’t do any Black Friday shopping or Thanksgiving Day shopping. I know.  It has been a decade or more since I not shopped.  I am sticking to my budget because I want to pay off some bills.  So shopping wasn’t on the agenda.  I plan to give gifts to my nieces and I am making gifts again this year but I will remain on budget.

However, what is missing is the Christmas spirit the feeling of grace and family. I don’t want to go through the motions of Christmas, I want to feel Christmas in every fiber of my being.  It is kinda hard because how things have gone this year, but I am determine to find the spirit that made me love Christmas from the time I was a child to an adult.

How is your Christmas spirit this year?