Randoms…January to Now


Look how beautiful the sky appeared on Friday afternoon!

I know my one follower who still follows, misses me.  So I decided to write something, blog something.  Hell, it is gorgeous outside and I thought about my neglected blog.  I am such a bad blog parent, but the way the world is right now…it is hard to write something that isn’t filled with visceral rants and depressive thoughts.  I am discombobulated about what I am seeing and feeling and it ain’t good.  However, I am going to attempt to fill you in on what has been going on in my life for the last month.


A day of service…

I saw The Guy on January 14th as he showed off his new car, plus he was celebrating a birthday.  He is getting old!  On January 18th, I did my day of service by working with Hands Across River Region in helping to make toiletry bags for the homeless.  Did you know in my county they actually go out once a year and count the homeless? When they do, they give them bags of items that will be most useful to them.  I am going to ask my book club to donate tooth brushes and tooth paste and mouthwash, because those are the items they need and don’t get much of. I enjoyed doing this with students from elementary schools as well as Alabama State University.  They even fed the volunteers, but you know I didn’t stay for that but it was a nice gesture.  I had Vn Pho here in Montgomery for the 1st time in January, which means I have had it a couple times prior to this date.  Since January 20th, I have been in some state of mourning over President Obama.  However, I must move on.  Oh, Aloha had her first birthday.  Y’all, she is something else.  She is walking, talking and still going to be on the cover of Time magazine!


Aloha is a year old!


Lil Princess aka Aloha…


I have been cooking a bit more.  Not much more though.  Shrimp and grits and baked spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, ground turkey and turkey pepperoni and anything simple like baked chicken.


Shrimps and grits


Baked spaghetti

I promise I am going to do a post about having Sisterlocks for 10 years.  I am still trying to convince my Consultant to cut my hair.  She just told me no again on yesterday.  Imma cut this hair so I can wear cute hair styles, hell!


Long 10 year old Sisterlocks


10 Year Old Sisterlocks

Seriously, it is hard to write when your heart is filled with angst and anger.  I need to write a book review and a restaurant review too!  I am so behind, but today I decided to write just a little bit so I know I can still do it even if it is a bit choppy.


I have been so busy…

Today is beautiful.  The sun is shining brightly ignoring the darkness over Washington, DC.  It is a warm 79 degrees; folks are walking around in sandals and flip flops.  Me, I have on long sleeves, trouser socks and closed toe shoes.  I ain’t going to let Mother Nature trick me because one week we are cold and another week we are summer time warm.  I can say winter wasn’t too bad.  We may have had a month of cold weather spread out from October to now.  However, what does this mean for summer?  You all know I ain’t about the heat.

I hope where ever you live your day is as beautiful as mine and you get to enjoy some of it today whether you are working or not.  Until my next post…


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Blogmas Day 8: Creative Cooking Slow Cooker Loaded Baked Potato Soup

It is cold here in Alabama, like really cold. Like we went from summer to winter.  You know if it gets below 60 degrees it is cold, right?  So that means soup, but not my homemade everything but the kitchen sink soup.  I can’t overfill my refrigerator right before my Christmas book club meeting.  A while back I saw a recipe for a crock pot loaded baked potato soup and thought I would give it a try.  And I am so glad I did, because this is one those soups that sticks to your ribs without putting you to sleep right after lunch.  I can’t be taking a nap at my desk…LOL!

I got the recipe from Food.com and of course I made a few changes, because you all know I do not like real cheese.


6 lg baking potatoes cubed

1 lg onion

32 oz of Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth

3 cloves of minced garlic

¼ cup of butter

1 cup of cream

Salt and pepper to taste (I used Cajun seasoning and pepper)

1 cup of Velveeta Shreds or your favorite sharp cheddar cheese

3 tbs of fresh green onions



Green onions

Velveeta Shreds


Everything in the slow cooker/crock pot!

In your crock pot or slow cooker, place your potatoes, onions, broth, garlic, salt/Cajun seasoning and pepper. Turn your slow cooker on low for 8 hours.  Then you need to mash your potatoes I left some cubed so I could have the extra texture.  Add the potatoes back to the slow cooker and then add your cheese, cream and onions.  Your mixture will be thickened and the smell will have you ready to indulge.  Add your bacon, green onions and Velveeta as garnishment and get to eating!


Loaded baked potato soup…yummy!

Verdict: OMG!  This was so good.  It tasted like a loaded baked potato and very filling.  And although the only meat is the garnishment of bacon, but seriously this soup will fill you up without the meat.  It is worth giving it a try on those nice and cold days.  Let me know if you try it!


Creamy, flavorful goodness!

Creative Cooking…Stromboli


Recently, a few of us from the office went to Midtown Pizza Kitchen for lunch and I had my first Stromboli.  Oh my goodness was it amazing.  All I could think about was recreating it at home.  Let’s face it, I haven’t felt inspired to create a dish in a long time.  Frankly, my taste buds just are bored by my food choices.  So calculating what I would have to do and hitting up Pinterest for recipes, I decided to wing it and make my own Stromboli.

First of all, we had to ask the waitress was the difference was between a calzone and a Stromboli and Stromboli is rolled and calzones are folded.  Alright then…LOL!

Here is my recipe without my pizza dough recipe.  If you have a pizza dough recipe you like, use it and if making pizza dough from scratch isn’t your thing you can buy dough from your local grocer.  At my local Publix, they even sell whole wheat dough as well.  So the dough is up to you.


Pizza dough

Marinara sauce (I use Bertolli Marinara sauce with Burgundy Wine)

Hot Italian sausage (browned)

Bacon (Precooked real bacon bits)



Mozzarella cheese

Cup of cut up onions, red and green bell peppers

Caramelized onions

Roma tomatoes (sliced thinly)

Olive Oil

Garlic butter

Preheat oven to 475 degrees

While my dough was rising (I actually used quick yeast packages), I browned my sausage and then caramelized my onions.  And I drained the excess grease from my sausage.

                                                                  Freshly rolled into a rectangle…

I split my dough in half (you will see I undoubtedly don’t know what half is…smh!) and rolled the first piece into a rectangle.  Not too thin and not too thick.  Then I placed a thin layer of marinara on 2/3rds of the rectangle and on the last 1/3rd I placed the garlic butter.  Then I started layering my ingredients saving enough for the second Stromboli.  A small amount of mozzarella cheese, then browned sausage, caramelized onions, sliced mushrooms, onions, bacon, red and green peppers, pepperoni, Roma tomatoes and the rest of the mozzarella cheese.

Marinara over 2/3rds of the dough

My toppings

Then I started to roll from the short side of the rectangle as tight as I could without puncturing my dough.  Once it was rolled, I placed it on my cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Then I did the second one and there was plenty of room on the sheet for the other Stromboli.  Then I slathered garlic butter over both Stromboli and sprinkled Italian season on the top.  Then with a sharp knife I cut slices for ventilation on them.  I cooked them for about 15 to 20 minutes or until brown and dough is cooked.  Remember your ingredients are already done.

Freshly slathered in garlic butter, sprinkled with Italian seasoning and vented

I let them cool slightly and sliced.

Yes, they look good!

Verdict:  It is my recipe.  I loved it.  You can use whatever ingredients you want.  I knew I wanted my favorite pizza toppings and wanted to add that extra dose of flavoring from the caramelized onions.  I am sure you can use the canned pizza dough, but seriously pizza dough is really easy to make and is worth it in my opinion.  I actually keep a ball or two of dough in my freezer for those moments I want homemade pizza.  I see this in rotation at least twice a year with changing up the ingredients as well.  To think it all came about because I went out to lunch.  I probably should do that more often.  Let me know if you try it!

  Look at the layers


Ready to eat…

P. S. I am going to stop being lazy and use my better camera for food pictures…

Before the Weekend Randoms…

            Fully bloomed…

How was your week?  Mine has gone by quickly, probably because I have a busy weekend ahead.

Did you get your $.60 cheeseburgers from Mickey D’s?  I heard they got blowed here and some of the stores were giving limits of how many a person could order.  Seems they were running out of buns.  In my mind, I am thinking did you not think folks were going to buy as many as they could get at that price?  I am just saying…

On Wednesday, it was surreal.  Three different people called, texted or in person vented to me.  The thing is the more each of them talked the madder they got.  I stayed in the calm space in my mind even when one situation concerned me.  I refused to let anyone still my joy.  The devil was busy Wednesday.  Have you ever dealt with this type situation folks are upset and the more they talk the madder they get? Geez.  Everyone seems to be calm now.  Thank goodness.

I have been working out consistently this week and cutting down on my food portions.  Let’s hope the pounds keep falling off.

It has rained here every day this week.  It actually didn’t rain Thursday as predicted.  My plants need some sun the leaves are turning.  I will get them planted this weekend or by Monday.

The fire ant mounds.  Y’all it is ridiculous.  I killed about 4 or 5 on Saturday and 5 more have popped up because of this rain.  I can’t put out the stuff to kill them until the rain stops.

My yard.  OMG!  It looks like a mini jungle.  All the rain has my weeds out of control and my hedges looking a fool.  My yard man already knows…

I finally did my taxes.  I really need to stop procrastinating.  I do it because I have spent so much time paying and so when I actually don’t have to it is surprising.  And I only started e-filing last year.  What?  When you have to pay, you mail a money order or check on April 15th.  Passive-Aggressive behavior. I am petty like that.  Sometimes.  I am grateful I didn’t have to hit the pole…or do something funny for some change…hit the corner…I think you get the gist of what I mean.

I haven’t felt like cooking lately.  Hence, no Creative Cooking posts.  I need to get back on it.  I did make this salad for dinner Monday night.  Quite tasty, except for the Swiss chard, that green tastes bitter and ugh to me.

Ancho chipotle shrimp over mixed greens with balsamic dressing…

A closer look…

I may be busy this weekend, but I have Saturday and Sunday off.  Yes!  This baby is tired.  It is paying off though.

I am supposed to be volunteering for the Joy to Life Walk tomorrow morning.  I have yet to hear from the coordinator, which kinda scares me.  I always donate, but the volunteering portion is important to me.  Last year it was so disorganized and to learn the coordinator turned away volunteers and we were short folks for the course is crazy.  Don’t turn away volunteers, because they may not come back.  I am committed to be there.  Do you know what time I need to sign in?  I don’t either.  Imma get there at 7:30 am.  Because the way my sleeping pattern is set up…

I need to run some errands after I volunteer.  You know the grocery store, dollar store and maybe the mall for a co-workers wedding gift.  I may have to figure out a way to have her stuff delivered to her because the way my time is set up.  I do not like going to the mall.  Geez!  My goodness I am supposed to bring something to the luncheon for her next Friday.  Didn’t I just say I ain’t cooking? Sighing…

I still need to finish cleaning my house so I plan to do that when I get home from the volunteering and errands.  Then I must prepare for our annual business book club meeting.  I have everything done, but I still need a gift and finish the certificates for my members who have not missed a meeting.

Somewhere in there I may need to take a nap. Seriously.  The way this low blood is set up…

I am tired thinking about all I have to do.  The killing part is several of my book club members are in the same boat.

Sunday isn’t as full but I got so many things to do that I am committed to making it happen.

I finally can take my hair down from this braided wrapped style.  And then I need to wash and start retightening it on Sunday evening.  Sighing…anybody want to wash the locks?

Did you see Scandal last night?  OMG!  Lawd, I have the sads today.  Seriously.  He gone y’all.  I knew someone was going to die, I just didn’t know who and when.  Get ready because we only have few episodes left and I have a feeling Shonda is going to punish all y’all who can’t appreciate good writing and have stopped watching the show after watching Empire.  Um, hum…

American Crime is so well written.  The processing of the story is amazing.  However, I am getting a bit frustrated with some parts of it, but I can’t stop watching it.

I still haven’t finished the 1st season of OITNB.  I like it, but not enough to binge watch.  I really can’t do it.

I don’t really watch Being Mary Jane, but I heard about that scene.  I am a bit traumatized about it.  Seriously, do folks have this type issue?

It seems Lala and Carson have a lot in common.  They like to dance in their underwear.  Just common…LOL!

Hunny Bunny is concerned about the federal government waste.  She says they waste a lot of money, a whole lot.  Just letting you know.

I think I have rambled long enough.  Everyone have a great weekend!  I will be back next week!

Take What I Bake and I Choose Me Randoms…

Just because it is on fb doesn’t make it true.  Lawd, if I see one more lie posted under the guise of being true…I told my sister I quit FB!

The heat can stay down tonight.  Thank you!

Went to the Casino for their buffet and by buffet I mean I ate crab legs, by the pounds.

At book club meeting with Indi…


Shonna and I at book club meeting. She wanted me to tag her on FB with the picture. Chile, please. I quit FB!


As I get older, I seem to pull more muscles.  Not cute.

If you haven’t read Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, you need to.

I still need to write the Ptolemy Grey review…

Our department went to lunch for Thanksgiving.  What happened to the catered meals?  Oh well, I enjoyed my Jim & Nick’s.

My sister is really going to be living in NOLA!  Megabus, here I come.

I love cuties.  The baby clementines.

I finally washed my hair.  Now to roll it with pipe cleaners.

Why is my grocery list for Thanksgiving so damn big?  I am only bringing homemade yeast rolls and sweet potato soufflé. Oh, I am making sure to have food in my refrigerator.

I need to clean out my refrigerator and my oven.  Any volunteers to help?  I didn’t think so.

I found a hat on the Ashley Stewart site I hope that sucker fits.  (Big head problems.) I will be so jazzy.

The damn cat.  I mulched my raised garden.  Guess who has been scratching and shit in it?  The damn cat.  I am so sick of the cat.  Now I have to put out rinds and cayenne pepper.  I am so over her ass.  I just don’t understand why she uses my garden as her litter box.  I never had the problem until this year.  I can’t.

Beautiful Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose…Gardening is over until next Spring!


Do you eat chicken feet?  Me either.  And if you do, why?  I am not judging I just want to understand.

Carpet cleaners will come to my house on Saturday, new company for me to use but over 20 years in the business.  I just want the carpet cleaned.

I went to a charity sale a couple weeks ago to get a jump start on my Christmas gifts, which I am not buying many of anyway and I got a picture of the sunrise.  So cool…

Fuzzy sunrise…but gorgeous nonetheless.


Did you see Scandal last week?  There is something about Poppa Pope and his reach of power that is alarming and scary, but um, charming as well.  Don’t judge me.

Last Friday night on my way home from my 2nd job, I was waiting at the Yield sign less than a mile from home, when the guy behind me, who was stopped as well, hit me.  I was like damn!  I got out of my car and he only scrapped off some paint and bent my tag, now his little sporty black car…I said to him, “Dude, my car is fine, but your shit is fucked up!”  I said it just like that, so we went to the gas station/drug store (if you know what I mean) so he could see the damage, but you know I let him get in front of me so I could get his tag.  He was mad at himself.  He said he was glad I wasn’t hurt or my car was in as bad a shape as his.  He apologized and said it was his fault for not paying attention.  Did I mention we were both stopped and then he decided to go and I was still stopped?  Oh, I did?  Anyway, my nerves were tore up when I got home, but I was so thankful my car wasn’t noticeably damaged.  God looks out for his little fools…

Not having my Winn Dixie is doing too much.  The one closest to my house, which is about 5 or so miles away is so damn small they never have the things that are supposed to be on sale.  I went in last week for pears which were $3.99 for 2 lbs.  They didn’t have any pears except for the canned ones.  Really?  I ain’t gonna be able to do it.

I have been eating or rather drinking my lunch.  I have had chicken and beef broth every day except for the luncheon day.  And I can feel the difference.

I think I am over WOW cable.  Seriously, since they switched everyone over to digital my bill has been itching higher and higher.  Last week, the channels were out for over 24 hours.  No credit or anything.  Oh, and I called. We had some channels but I pay for a certain amount and I had few of them.  Pissed me off.  I need more choices.  If I didn’t sleep with my television on, I would just chunk the deuces.  They have good customer service though, really they are amazing. I call enough to know…LOL!

The kids on my 2nd job seemed so obsessed with the cookies I bring for Christmas.  However, now they want to put in some requests.  Um, no.  Take what I bake.  Talking about they want some sugar cookies.  I do not like making them because they are time consuming.  I could just roll and cut, but I am too fancy for that they need glitter, shapes and sprinkles.  Um, no.

What is your definition of friend?  I have more acquaintances than friends.  And I prefer it like that, but me and the owner on my 2nd job were at a stalemate regarding the issue of having more friends.  When would I make more friends when I work 2 jobs and rarely go out?

Lala says she is coming to Alabamer to see her Aunt Nana and she is making me biscuits.  If she makes me biscuits, that will be a sight, but if she lets me near her will be the miracle of Thanksgiving.

Lala, is so over the daily pictures for her dad…And this is probably how she will look at me during Thanksgiving!


Your emergency is not my priority.

Dear T-Mobile, you will be losing more customers with this need to charge $600 for a phone.  That is not a deal.  I do not want to lease a phone, I buy my phones outright.  It is time for my upgrade.  Things are looking iffy with you when I can buy the phone I want from a big box seller and lock down a 2 year contract for less than you.  Did I mention I have been with you since you were Powertel…Loyalty should count for something.  Over 15 years as a customer…

I am working on my gift list again.  I am chuckling about some of my choices.  I mean how many times can I put a car and Yorkie on the list.  I mean if someone got me a dog, seriously I would probably lose my mind.

Did you guys watch Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder last night?  It was the Winter Finale and baby, I am so glad I do not have a bunch of neighbors because they would have called the police on me with all the screaming I was doing.  Jake from State Farm was getting it in, and so like him right now. That damn wine spilled on that sofa had me itching…for some reason my nerves couldn’t settle with such an issue.  A sofa that will be permanently stained or maybe because who the hell spills wine???  Annalise’s detective man’s body, omg!  Seriously, I can’t even type about this no more.  The ending, amazing.  No spoilers…LOL!

I told someone today folks need to mind their own business.  I am sick of folks.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  I am doing the same old thing, but with more folks.  Whoopee! Not.  But I will make it through, because then there will be shopping.  I am in the midst of the thorough cleaning and the dust is killing me softly.  My allergies are out of control.

Congress stop wasting my money and do your damn jobs.  You have spent the last 6 years doing nothing with my tax paying dollars!  As the President said last night, “Pass a bill.”

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  If you are like me, you are finishing your cleaning and will start the cooking process as you prepare for Thanksgiving and family.  I hope to be back before Thanksgiving, but if I am not, make sure you cherish your family time and are thankful for the season.  Until next time…

Carson is ready for the club…I mean for winter pictures! LOL!


Book Club meeting Selfies….


Creative Cooking…Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies

Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies


I love apple pie. I really do.  I remember a long time ago my cousin mistakenly brought home an apple cobbler from the Beautiful restaurant in Atlanta.  He was supposed to bring peach cobbler, I am so glad he didn’t because whether it is an apple pie or apple cobbler I am in heaven.  Don’t be alarm, but I am really not an peach cobbler fan.  Stop clutching your pearls, hell I am from the south and I do not eat collard greens, dressing or cornbread.  Recently, I guess because of the fall weather approaching I saw several pins on Pinterest for these little gems.  I checked them out on Justataste.com, and knew I could replicate them, but um, you know I ain’t making homemade pie crusts.  I ain’t about that life.  I don’t want to hear how once I do it I will never want to buy store bought again…blah, blah.  Look I am not a real baker and my patience is that of a gnat.  So let me be and let me tell you how I made this recipe!  LOL!

Ingredients: As adapted from Justataste.com (please go to the site for the full recipe and how to make your own pie crust dough)

1 Pillsbury pie crust (I only used one)

2 cups finely peeled and diced small Granny Smith apples

2 teaspoons of lemon juice (yes, I used the concentrate, shoot me)

½ tsp of cinnamon

¼ cup of sugar

2 tsp of all-purpose flour

3 tbs of Salted Caramel sauce (ice cream topping aisle)

A couple of soft caramels for decorating

1 egg with a tbs of water for an egg wash

Sugar for the topping of the pies

Preheat oven to 425 degree

I began by cutting my apples up finely and then tossing them with some lemon juice. Then I added the flour, cinnamon, sugar, Salted Caramel sauce and coated the apples completely and set the mixture to the side.  Please cut your apples up finely because you will have a real problem when you assemble these beauties.

Chopped apples, cinnamon, salted caramel, sugar



Circles and my decorating skills…

I then floured my surface for rolling out the pie crust, not too thin, and using a glass with an approximate rim size of 3 inches I cut out my pie rounds. Make sure you have an even number and continue to roll and cut until you can’t make anymore.  On a parchment lined cookie sheet I set up the bottoms for the mini pies and placed a small amount of the apple mixture in the center of the round.  Not too much, or you will have a problem.  Once that is done, time to put the tops on, I actually rolled them out just a bit so I could assemble the pies easily.  With the tops on and sealed, I used a fork and tried to get fancy.  I ain’t a baker, geez!  LOL!  Then I placed two slits on each pie for ventilation.  My final steps were to brush each pie with the egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.  And when I become a real baker, I will buy the proper sugar, maybe…LOL!

I baked for 20 minutes or until golden brown. In a microwave safe bowl, I melted a couple of soft caramels and drizzled it on the pies for a little decorative flair.


Verdict: This was not as strenuous as I thought it would be, it took me about 30 minutes to get everything ready and in the oven.  These mini pies were so good!  They were these little pockets of apple love.  The flaky crust and the slightly sweet, but with hint of salt taste to the apples, yummy! They were so good.  For a holiday dinner party, these would be great.  I will definitely make these again.  Let me know if you try them!

So good…please try it!

Some Weekend Randoms…

I figured I better do some randoms which are a bit more upbeat because this challenge is a bit intense at times. So here we go…

Last week was book club and we met at the casino in the neighboring county and we had a ball. Now don’t get it twisted I didn’t gamble, I went to eat from their buffet. Saturday night they have crab legs and if you could have seen the plates of crabs on our table it was a sight to behold. Believe it or not I stayed within my points. I did extra activities. My sister was like the butter is going to get you. Well the butter didn’t because I had a two ounce container with half in it and I didn’t use half of it with the three pounds of crab legs I ate. Yeah, I said pounds, they actually were seasoned. LOL! They had fish, oysters, salads, steak, overcooked prime rib (I am sorry there should be some pink with prime rib), desserts and vegetables galore. I ate a salad for balance. They had raw oysters, which normally I love, but baby if you have to question the way they look and the size I don’t eat them.

The Imani Book Club…3/14

Our meeting was one of the best we have had the atmosphere was good and I know you are thinking how private can a buffet be? We were in a separate room which was set up with us in the middle and other tables along the walls and because it was off from the main dining room it was relatively quiet and we were able to conduct business. The book was The Cutting Season by Attica Locke

I have lost 9 pounds on WW. I still ain’t really cooking. I did a stir fry this week. I may work on the doing the recipe for a Creative Cooking post later.

Chicken Stir Fry. Served as is no rice.

The Guy is in the ATL taking an IT class and I miss him, but I ain’t sure why because I rarely see him during the week. I asked him why too, he didn’t have an answer. Shrugging…sometimes things aren’t meant to be understood.

I sent my oldest niece a picture of my eye shadow and information on the brushes and colors she said it was too complicated. One day…

I had a customer get me last week. He called the store saying we gave him some raw food. He wanted to have the entire order replaced. I asked him why he didn’t call in the problem the night before since that is when it happened and he said he couldn’t get through. I knew he was lying. I asked him did he still have the food and he said it was only 8 pieces and he threw it away. Now while we were having this conversation he was hollering at some kids in the background. I am explaining our policy and he said he hasn’t had this problem before and then he tells me he is on his way to the store. For what? I didn’t offer him a refund and I told him I wasn’t going to replace his entire order because I have no clue if he was ever in. So he gets there and I have talked to the owner and trying to be nice I replaced the raw pieces. He was mad he said he was going to have to give the kids bologna sandwiches. I looked at him and realized I went to school with him. Life undoubtedly hadn’t been easy. When I asked him to sign the receipt he scribbled his name and I asked him to pull up. He goes, “Well, can you give me a drink because I came all the way back here.” I said, “What part of this situation do you not understand. My boss told me to give you anything without the food. I am being nice. You can have some water, but nothing else.” I did go to school with him. He lied. I was gotten, but he will not be able to pull that stunt again. By the way, he did the same thing with the other manager. Serial thief.

People are surprised I still work out. If I didn’t OMG!

I send my sister pictures of clothing and stuff in aqua regularly. Mind you all the items are listed as aqua and she is still complaining they aren’t. Whateva.

Have you ever had to cut a friend off because they are stealing your spirit? It is hard to do. Luckily it isn’t me.

My yard looks amazing. The cost wasn’t. Luckily my yard guy works with me because learning to cut my hedges was the next thing on my agenda to do. The Guy wasn’t going to be happy.

I would love to have a bowl (small) of banana pudding.

Okay, last week on Blu Jewel’s blog she did a post about Baby Foot. I went to the site and was like I would do that this summer. Then my sister sent me a YouTube link where a young lady did a review of the product. The pictures do not do what the product does, justice. The skin peeling is amazing and scary all at the same time. I questioned whether I would do it, but if it will last a month or more it may be worth it, but my OCD…may be problematic. Picking, picking, picking…that is so gross!

I have been making it my business to smile with more than just my mouth and with sincerity and people respond warmly and sincerely.

I finally finished retightening my hair. I have been so lazy the last two months with the retightening, but I will do better. I hope. Now to moisturize and a protective style for a couple of weeks.

I am so sleepy today.

Can we talk Scandal briefly? Mama Pope is scary, Daddy Pope was shook and Jake is scary and I think Olivia done f-ed up! The end. I needed a strong shot after last night episode.

Did you see Law and Order: SVU? I was really depressed after that one and next week is going to be a doozy. What is crazy is the guy after Olivia has been on SVU, Criminal Intent and the Original Law & Order. I know I need to get a life.

It is raining. I just got my grass cut. Seriously, is it going to be like last year with nothing but rain? If so, I need whoever pissed off Mother Nature to go and apologize and I am tired to telling you to suck it up and do what you got to so we can have normal seasons. Dang!

Carson’s mom posted a video of her talking to him while in the car. He told her he wanted to get out of the car, but she proceeds to ask him a million and one questions about his day. He decides he has had enough so he starts poking on the outside of his eyeball and pushing his eyelids in. It was totally gross, but his mom was traumatized. Maybe if she had stopped asking all those questions…

Carson and his tie.

It is wonderful to know Lala is a girly girl. She likes to match her headbands. And she if she doesn’t like her shoes she lets her mother know. Lala the fashion princess.

Hunny Bunny answers my questions when I drill her about school, gymnastics and life. However I get the feeling she is over my ass. I swear she blew yesterday when I was talking to her. And because I am evil I kept asking more questions.

Lala and Hunny Bunny!

I hope you have a great weekend. I will be busy working on my taxes and getting mad because I do not have a dependent…


You can’t tell my sister she ain’t cute…



I really going to style my hair soon…


P. S. Posting these picture was too much of a chore.  Why must folks keep changing things?