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Happy New Year’s!


Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for this season.  I hope you have enjoyed my version of blogmas as well. I did it. So I am officially back to blogging.

Merry Christmas!


From me to all, Merry Christmas!



Blogmas Day 24: It’s Christmas Eve!

It is Christmas Eve! I been up since 7 am, went out at a little before 9 am to run errands.  Nothing extravagant just food for my dishes and food for my soul.

I went to two stores in the mall. I didn’t like the vibe I got at the Mac counter. I guess they thought I was going to steal something right in front of the register, so I left. I went to Sephora, which is inside Jcpenny. I asked about pigments and the associate had no clue about what I was talking about. She even said all our eyeshadow has pigments. Um, really? You should know makeup if you work in Sephora. I left.

The day wasn’t a bust, I finally had some authentic Pho from Vn Pho here in Montgomery.  Amazing! I also had their fresh spring rolls, so great!

It’s Christmas Eve and I hope you are ready for tomorrow! Prayers and blessing to you all!




Blogmas Day 23: Things I Miss

I get a bit nostalgic during the holidays some of it brought on by my seasonal sadness others just because I miss things or someone.  I have been contemplating things I am missing right now and wish were here still or could happen soon.   Here is a list of what I miss:

  1.  I miss my mother during Christmas because she always went all out for the holiday.  She always baked her homemade cookies.  I miss those cookies.  I miss pre-opening my gifts.  (Stop judging!) I just miss her presence and I wonder often how life would have been different if she hadn’t died.  Would I be traveling to Florida to visit or Alabama for that matter?
  2. I miss my aunt.  The house still has some of her presence there, but I miss our long talks.  I miss the companionship we had forged.  We could be in two different rooms and our bond would be still be strong.  I know she isn’t suffering any longer, but I miss her.  Lord, what I would do for a piece of her fried chicken.
  3. I miss our neighborhood with all the different families, because now most have passed on leaving their homes empty.
  4. I miss having a boyfriend.  I miss looking for the perfect gift.  I miss the amazing conversations about family during the holidays.  I miss all a relationship encompasses.
  5. I miss getting amazing outfits.  I used to get great outfits, except that cow coat I have never worn.  If you ain’t old or a child, no gifts for you!  LOL!
  6. I miss the surprises on Christmas.  Like the time my aunt’s nephew surprised us for Christmas and said he wasn’t going back to Cleveland.  Or when my cousin and his wife announced they were expecting Carson.
  7. Finally, I miss the feeling of Christmas.  I feel like the month of December goes so quickly I do not get the opportunity to just be in the moment and really experience all that Christmas means.  I want to feel Christmas and these days I am going through the motions.  This year was better than the previous two, but I miss the excitement and exhilaration I used to feel for the day.  Plus, Christmas is supposed to be 77 degrees, I just don’t know if Hell is right here on Earth or not.  It has reached high 40s this week, really!

What do you miss around this time of year?

Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

It is almost that time of year to think about what you want to accomplish and do for 2017. I have been doing a vision board for several years now.  Believe it or not, they actually work in keeping you aware of your goals and even if you don’t quite get all your visions to happen, you can see a tangible account of your progress.


My current vision board. Yes, I have OCD and things must be in order…Don’t Judge me…LOL!

My sister looked at my vision board when she was here for Thanksgiving and she said that the differences in our overall look of the board are quite different. She tends to have pictures overlapping and such and my board is neat and organized.  Yes it is and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I review my board every day and repeat the inspirational sayings every day as well.  At least for next year the Chevrolet Cruz can finally come off the board.  Go me!

Last year I traveled more. This year not so much.  Next year I am going to travel and update my passport.  So I will definitely have pictures representing travel.  I also plan to work on getting my YouTube channel going.  But first, I need an editing program that is easy to learn.  Further, I hope to garner some extra income to pay off some bills and I want to volunteer more.  Finally, my board will be a motivation to lose weight.  For real this next year.

Your vision board should be the way you like it and should be a motivation to have a productive and blessed year ahead. One thing that is noticeable on my vision boards is all the inspirational words I have placed all over the board.  Nothing is impossible with God on your side.  Real talk.

So next week I will be gathering my pictures and getting ready to make my vision for 2017 amazing!

Blogmas Day 21: Holiday/Winter Blues

Tis the season to be jolly and decking the halls, but this season for some people also brings on the blues. It’s a feeling of sadness which seems to come out of nowhere and envelops some people.  I find sometimes the holidays bring on a bit of melancholy and for the most part I can shake it off, but not everyone can.

This type of blues is a form of depression that can linger for some and move on with others. We all handle things differently and what may work for me may not work for you.  When I feel the holiday blues tapping on my shoulders, it is usually when the weather is dark, wet and cold.  I feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and all I want to see is the sun, no amount of Christmas decorations or songs can make it go away.  I know I didn’t get this feeling as much when I was able to give more.  I prefer to give presents and living on a tight budget doesn’t make it easy.  I love to see folk’s faces when they receive a thoughtful gift, now I am surrounded by folks who are my age or older watching the children and the elderly receive gifts.  I am not jealous; I am just upset I couldn’t do more.

Last year, Christmas Eve was bad. It stormed and we had flash floods all day.  My phone’s weather app was going off every hour stirring up my anxiety and scaring the shit out of me.  All I wanted was a Chic Fi la sandwich but because of the weather I didn’t dare leave the house.  The rain of the week had me all in my feelings.  I was sad.  No other words for it.  Yes, I missed my aunt and my uncle but I was just sad because the day was wet and dark.  However, Christmas morning was sunny and bright and my mood was much better.

A few years ago, it was another dark, overcast Christmas Eve and I was just upset all day. I felt alone, which is a rare feeling for me, an introvert.  I even had a boyfriend at the time.  Yet, I felt the sadness of being alone.  And the next day as I made my way over to my cousin’s house in the rain, I felt just blue and not because I was alone but just not my usual jolly loving Christmas self.  I think I felt like that because I had to go to work the next day, but still I was truly sad.  I remember going to bed that night thankful I made it through the day because I was seriously over Christmas.

I wrote all this to say there are people who deal with issues just like you do. The holiday blues are real and they haunt some of us for differing reasons.  Some years are better than others, but each time I have found my way to claw, crawl and emancipate myself from the darkness of my emotions.  I just wished it wasn’t dependent on whether the sun comes out or not.  The last couple of days my anxiety has been strong, but it has been raining off and on for days but looking out my office window today and seeing the sun has settled me some and I can only imagine what a few more days of sun will do for me.

Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Dinner

I wish my folks weren’t traditional or so damn allergic, because I get tired of eating ham and turkey for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I am so over it.  The thing is…no one wants to move out of their comfort zone.

We have similar foods from Thanksgiving on Christmas, but more casseroles and pasta salads. The desserts are in abundance as well.  Don’t get me wrong it tastes good, but sometimes my mouth just wants something different.  What, you may ask?  Well…

How about a prime rib? I would love a good prime rib with horseradish sauce or, if we didn’t have those folks who are allergic to shellfish, seafood. Just the thought of tables covered in crabs, lobster, shrimp, squid, mussels and fish has my mouth watering and a look of pure anticipation.  It ain’t gonna happen.

Seafood is expensive and have you priced prime rib lately? For real ain’t gonna happen.  Plus, my folks would over cook the prime rib.  Blood creeps them out, where it pisses me off to have overdone steak.  It is just a thought though.

I guess I want to do something different for Christmas and changing up the menu makes for a subtle change. However, everyone isn’t open for that kinda change.  Eventually, I want to just travel for the holiday season so my want of prime rib and seafood can be met.

The thing is Christmas dinner is about more than the food and the gifts; it is about family and fellowshipping. We do not get together very much anymore especially since my aunt died, so I expect no different this year, but I was promised some turnip greens…

What traditions does your family follow religiously?