Thank you, 44!


Today, I am sad but I am blessed that for 8 years you tried and did make America better, thank you!


I Really Am Back, but…

I have to work on my 10 year Sisterlock anniversary blog.  I need to talk about this New Year.  I wish I could talk about the clusterfuck that is our three branches of government.  I am hoping I can do a farewell letter to President Obama.  There is so much I need to write, but I am sad, yet again.

Next week we say goodbye to President Obama.  And we are in anomaly of uncertainty with a government that is operating in manner that is so outside of the realms of normality.  I am going to miss the calmness and levelness of his demeanor.  Right now y’all have an incoming elected official tweeting…like that is Presidential.  So, yes I am feeling dark right now and can’t write like I want to.  I am sorry and I hope I can pull myself out of this nightmare that is really life right now.

Look Auburn and Alabama lost.

We experienced winter this past Friday and weekend for it to be currently 66 degrees.

The earth is off its axis, obviously.  And so am I.  I will be back to make you laugh, think and learn, however, I ain’t in the mood right now.

Blogmas Day 13: Negativity

In this post- election time, with the Clementine Satan (got this reference from Denene Millner) about to take reigns in a little over a month, there is so much negativity floating around. Whether it is online or in real life, right now things are so damn gray.

Prior to November, the negativity would almost strangle me because once you allow it to seep into your being, soul it is so hard to get it off of you. Writing is a great way to ease some of that, but the way things are nowadays freedom of speech has limitations, if you want to keep your job.  So I vented to family and we really vented in book club meetings.  You know what?  It didn’t make the negativity disappear.  As much as you try to shake it off, it was right there to clawing at you so it can be seen and heard.

I am getting better with how I handle the negativity. Basically, I get off social media and go to my happy place.  Whether it mindless YouTube tutorials or well-written books, I am turning on something else where negativity isn’t the drama to keep me interested.  I stopped watching reality TV because of the negativity.  I stopped watching the news.  Yes, I stopped watching the news.  I read the news and not on Facebook.  I read what interests me and bypass the propaganda they want to make us think is real news when it is really just negativity posing as news.

With the holidays here, if you concentrate and focus on negativity your spirit will be dampen and depression has a space to invade and we do not want that. We can’t control what the future has for us, but we can control how much negativity we allow in our space.  Find your happy place and not allow the negative to control us.  We need all our energy for the fight we have ahead us, but for right now focus on the good.

I Am Back…Blogmas!

I am back y’all!

To prove I am back to blogging, I will be doing my version of Vlogmas, but Blogmas! I will be posting everyday up until Christmas.  Are you excited?  I am a bit nervous because it has been a while since I blogged.

Let’s catch up. I really stopped blogging because I felt censored because of my job and the election.  The election took a lot out of me.  It was a time where I wanted to say so much, but knowing I couldn’t.  And if I wanted to keep my sanity I stopped blogging.  I still read blogs but I stopped writing because I felt like I wasn’t being authentic if I couldn’t be political.  I have a question for folks though?  Really, America?


Really, America?

Let’s go back to April/May. My book club tested me and I mean it tested me to the point I was going to disband and at one point I was in tears.  Although the person who cased the issue in April apologized, I have felt some kinda way about the book club as whole.  Especially when we agreed on a meeting and date for the May meeting, in April and only two people other than myself showed up.  When I tell you I was angry and I let them have it.  We didn’t even meet in June either and I loved it because I just could not deal with their asses.  Basically, the commitment is gone.  I am thisclose to being over it.  Then we will have a meeting like October’s meeting and I am reminded why I started the book club.  However, if things do not get better I am done.  Another situation happened within the book club that opened some folk’s eyes about the truth of people.  Yea, I am being cryptic some of the members read the blog.




I did do a small flower garden. However, it wasn’t my best.  My geraniums are basically all dead now because of the drought.  Oh, we are in the middle of a drought and although it has rained, we are still below levels throughout the state.


2016 has been taking folks left and right. And I am still grieving Prince.

I have lost and gained weight throughout the last six months. However, my doctor’s appointment today shows the slow decline.  I can’t drop the weight like a teenager anymore.  My doctor and I get along now.  We make each other laugh.  Tiffany his nurse is why I keep going back.

OMG! Did you see the winter finale of HTGAWM?  I cried and was so upset.  Why?  I thought it was going to be Nate and I had psyched my head up to being fine without that body… I mean the actor on the show.

Hurry up Scandal! Because Empire delivered a secret last night that was so anticlimactic I was pissed off.

I took pictures for a Creative Cooking post. It still hasn’t been written.  I made fried corn too.

We did some refurbishing on the outside of the house. Looks great, but new wood means we also have become hosts to a yellow jacket hive.  I can’t y’all.  My yard guy got messed up by them yellow jackets.  I need to get some more spray because they have 2 hives.  One I killed the other I have no idea where.

I did my usual dishes for Thanksgiving, however, I made up my rolls and froze them a few days before Thanksgiving. I baked my sweet potatoes instead of boiling them and they tasted more like sweet potatoes instead of candied mashed potatoes, if that makes sense.

However, I cannot wait until the week of Thanksgiving to clean up. No can do.  I was so tired after I finally finished Wednesday night it was crazy.  However, my house looks good considering I had a house full.  Go me!

My sister and her 4 daughters were here for Thanksgiving. Why does Lala torture me so?  Hunny Bunny is an official teenager.  Caitlyn is a senior in college.  Finally, Aloha is so chunky y’all and she was used to me before she left.  I was able to play with her, until my back started hurting and make her laugh…too cute.


The Guy is probably the only one waiting on me to blog, but I am back. See you tomorrow.  Oh, no the blogs will not all be randoms.

Finally, do you remember my former Christmas wish blogs? Well I got one of these items a month ago tomorrow.  Can you guess what it is?  Find out tomorrow!

I Am Not Done…Yet!

As much as I want to post, with everything going on in the world and the amount of pure hatred I am seeing every where is too much for me.  I find myself breathing in the racism, violence and divisive rhetoric and I can’t put words to paper.  I can’t write what I want to write and say what I want to say, so it is best I just censor myself, which I truly hate to do.  However, I can’t post about Ipsy Glam bags when folks are out here dying unnecessarily.  I just can’t.  I am hoping this hiatus isn’t until after the election, but hell right now I do not know.  I am not done, yet but I can’t write fluff when things are dark…

No Sleeep Randoms…

Sunflowers and a Zinnia

I have been away for well over a week from this blog.  I did blog on my anonymous one last week and it has been months since I blogged over there.  However, with so much going on in the last two weeks I needed a place to rant and vent and just feel the emotions soaring through me the last few weeks.  I found myself feeling so empathetic I became overwhelmed with feelings that ran the rampant of good and evil.  I needed to find my happy place.

Thank goodness for my garden.  I even had a nice little harvest.  Let me tell you, fresh green beans from your garden are the best.  Ask my coworker who ate hers cold.  I ate mine hot.  LOL!  There are only a few cold foods I will indulge in and greens beans aren’t on that list.

6/21/15 Harvest

My sister is in NOLA, well in one of the outlying parishes.  She is way out in the boondocks, with very little for entertainment is where she is calling home.  I am side-eyeing the middle of nowhere.  LOL!

Janet.  No Sleeep.  No other words are needed.  This Stan is in hog heaven.  I got home from work last night just in time to see her accept her award.  I screamed with tears…true Stan behavior.

We had book club meeting at the casino some of us went just for the crab legs and shrimp.  We had a good time.  However, don’t ever let my book club members get too hungry.

Me on 6/27/15

A couple of my members had been on vacations to Dominican Republic, Bahamas and some of the wineries in Alabama, we have 6 you know.  I need a vacation.  I got a cruise to Turks and Caicos in November, but I need to relax now!

I am off Friday through Sunday.  I have no real big plans except to do what I want.  I do not even plan to cook.

Well one of the escaped inmates is dead and one is captured in stable condition. And?

Alabama took down there Confederate flags…sighing they had a rally in protest this past weekend.

Bree Newsome took the flag down from the South Carolina state capital and got arrested and the flag was bag waving in the wind about 30 minutes after it had been removed.

I love my President.  I do.  He got in his feelings when he started singing Amazing Grace and he had me in my feelings too.

The President won last week.  The Affordable Health Care plan was upheld, again.  Folks are free to love and marry who they want, so same sex couples have the same rights as all humans.  If you come to my state, you may find it hard to get married whether gay or straight.  Sighing…

Someone come clean my house.  I just needed to dust, vacuum and clean the kitchen.  Please?…

Looks like someone maybe moving into the empty house next door.  They cleaned out the inside and I kid you not, there were 5 televisions on the curb.  I am just hoping whoever moves in is normal and not ratchet.

Reading comments on issues concerning race, gender, sexual preference and religion will make you think there is no humanity left in this world.  And this explains my quiet over the last week or so.

Before I go off on a tangent or become consume by the anger that is simmering within me.  I am going to go work out and work in my garden for peace and strength.

Have a great week.  I hope to be back with a gardening post, a creative cooking post and maybe a Janet Jackson post.

Day 19 — What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I believe in God and although I may not physically go to a church, my Faith and spirituality are quite strong. I find church walls to be a contradiction of what is supposed to happen. And although you do not go to church because of the people or the pastor, it bothers me when the emphasis changes and becomes judgmental, intolerable, and contradictory and frankly there are more pastors in my area who talk one thing in the pulpit but do something quite opposite outside the church walls. I can’t take them seriously. I just can’t.

I am a believer. I pray every day. I read my bible every day. I am more spiritual than religious. I am a work in progress and not perfect. I love the Lord, because as imperfect as I am he seems to love me back in ways I can only testify to.

I will say this about politics this country has shown me something these last few years that makes me hesitant about much of what this country stands for. Politics is big business and after the recent Supreme Court ruling, the rich will control this country and frankly that leaves no room for a regular person who loves their country except to be treated as if they don’t matter.