Lizard vs. Me, Again…

If you know me, you know I am very dramatic. Especially about lizards.  So here is my story since I rarely post on here anymore.

I almost died this morning as I was leaving to come to work. How you may ask? A lizard dropped on my arm as I am walking out the front door.  I immediately screamed and almost dropped my coffee.  Now I am frantic and know this is going to make me late for work.

I tried desperately to get it to go back out the door, but this dumbass was acting disoriented. Please keep in mind my alarm is on and I am about to go get a broom that should set off the sensor.  I am also screaming the whole time, “Get out of my house!”  As usual, no neighborhood crackheads to help me in my time of need.

I try sweeping the filthy creature out the door as I continue to scream. I finally was able to fling it out the door and baby that bitch was stun!  It was still laying on the porch in the same position when I stepped out of the house. Then I preceded to turn off the alarm and scrub the skin off my arm.

I learn a few things about this morning’s encounter. I will not die if a lizard touches me, but I came close.  I need to call the alarm company because I should have set the sensors off.  Finally, I can rid the world of evil.

Have a great weekend!


P. S. I am not back.


Robo Calls…Ugh!

Robo calls, telemarketers, scam calls etc.  I do not know about you but these calls are the bane of my existence.  Every day I get at least one of these robo calls from everywhere in the United States to Jamaica.  Each time I see them on my cell phone or even my landline phone a bit of my good spirit breaks into pieces.  Imagine getting 5 of these calls in one day?  I have literally been reduced to tears because the sheer amount of them.  What the hell can we as consumers do to stop this shit?

I do not know how to block the calls from my landline phones.  I have two lines at home and luckily both lines have Caller ID so I rarely answer either line.  I know you are asking why I have two landline lines and why do I have a landline phone anyway.  I have kept my aunt’s phone line because it is the family line so when folks are trying to reach family members they can call that line and it is also the line associated with my security system.  Yes, my system is old and we need a landline phone.  Judge yourself!  I have my own personal landline phone because I just feel more comfortable having two sources of contact.  All my phones landline and cell are on the Do Not Call Registry, which means absolutely nothing.

On the family landline phone the calls are usually telemarketers or the groups soliciting funds for the police, sheriff’s etc.  My aunt was very active with the Relay for Cancer group and I told them two or three years ago she had died and would no longer be able to help her and to please remove her from their list.  They are still calling.  It is rude, man.

Sometimes if I am froggy I will answer my cell phone to see if I am talking to a live person, rarely does that happen.  I did this one time and the guy was all friendly and he asked who he was talking to and I responded, “I do not know, you called me.”  That man cursed me out and told me I was broke and didn’t have any money anyway and then hung up.  My mouth was wide open in shock.  I reported it to the FCC but it doesn’t matter because I reported a call I got from Florida from a guy with an accent and attitude when I went to asking him questions.  Nothing happens.  I do block the numbers on my cell phone but what good does that do if they clog up your voicemail with robo messages.  Annoying!

Most of the calls are scams of some such from auto warranties to you have won a vacation on a cruise.  I know the calls are randomly done so it is hard get them to stop, but I am at my wits end.  Yesterday morning I had 3 calls in the span of an hour from three different numbers, two had already been put on my block list and I had to add the other one.  Does this bother anyone else but me?

Randoms…January to Now


Look how beautiful the sky appeared on Friday afternoon!

I know my one follower who still follows, misses me.  So I decided to write something, blog something.  Hell, it is gorgeous outside and I thought about my neglected blog.  I am such a bad blog parent, but the way the world is right now…it is hard to write something that isn’t filled with visceral rants and depressive thoughts.  I am discombobulated about what I am seeing and feeling and it ain’t good.  However, I am going to attempt to fill you in on what has been going on in my life for the last month.


A day of service…

I saw The Guy on January 14th as he showed off his new car, plus he was celebrating a birthday.  He is getting old!  On January 18th, I did my day of service by working with Hands Across River Region in helping to make toiletry bags for the homeless.  Did you know in my county they actually go out once a year and count the homeless? When they do, they give them bags of items that will be most useful to them.  I am going to ask my book club to donate tooth brushes and tooth paste and mouthwash, because those are the items they need and don’t get much of. I enjoyed doing this with students from elementary schools as well as Alabama State University.  They even fed the volunteers, but you know I didn’t stay for that but it was a nice gesture.  I had Vn Pho here in Montgomery for the 1st time in January, which means I have had it a couple times prior to this date.  Since January 20th, I have been in some state of mourning over President Obama.  However, I must move on.  Oh, Aloha had her first birthday.  Y’all, she is something else.  She is walking, talking and still going to be on the cover of Time magazine!


Aloha is a year old!


Lil Princess aka Aloha…


I have been cooking a bit more.  Not much more though.  Shrimp and grits and baked spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, ground turkey and turkey pepperoni and anything simple like baked chicken.


Shrimps and grits


Baked spaghetti

I promise I am going to do a post about having Sisterlocks for 10 years.  I am still trying to convince my Consultant to cut my hair.  She just told me no again on yesterday.  Imma cut this hair so I can wear cute hair styles, hell!


Long 10 year old Sisterlocks


10 Year Old Sisterlocks

Seriously, it is hard to write when your heart is filled with angst and anger.  I need to write a book review and a restaurant review too!  I am so behind, but today I decided to write just a little bit so I know I can still do it even if it is a bit choppy.


I have been so busy…

Today is beautiful.  The sun is shining brightly ignoring the darkness over Washington, DC.  It is a warm 79 degrees; folks are walking around in sandals and flip flops.  Me, I have on long sleeves, trouser socks and closed toe shoes.  I ain’t going to let Mother Nature trick me because one week we are cold and another week we are summer time warm.  I can say winter wasn’t too bad.  We may have had a month of cold weather spread out from October to now.  However, what does this mean for summer?  You all know I ain’t about the heat.

I hope where ever you live your day is as beautiful as mine and you get to enjoy some of it today whether you are working or not.  Until my next post…


I have an Instagram account…Cashanamusings.


I Really Am Back, but…

I have to work on my 10 year Sisterlock anniversary blog.  I need to talk about this New Year.  I wish I could talk about the clusterfuck that is our three branches of government.  I am hoping I can do a farewell letter to President Obama.  There is so much I need to write, but I am sad, yet again.

Next week we say goodbye to President Obama.  And we are in anomaly of uncertainty with a government that is operating in manner that is so outside of the realms of normality.  I am going to miss the calmness and levelness of his demeanor.  Right now y’all have an incoming elected official tweeting…like that is Presidential.  So, yes I am feeling dark right now and can’t write like I want to.  I am sorry and I hope I can pull myself out of this nightmare that is really life right now.

Look Auburn and Alabama lost.

We experienced winter this past Friday and weekend for it to be currently 66 degrees.

The earth is off its axis, obviously.  And so am I.  I will be back to make you laugh, think and learn, however, I ain’t in the mood right now.

Blogmas Day 24: It’s Christmas Eve!

It is Christmas Eve! I been up since 7 am, went out at a little before 9 am to run errands.  Nothing extravagant just food for my dishes and food for my soul.

I went to two stores in the mall. I didn’t like the vibe I got at the Mac counter. I guess they thought I was going to steal something right in front of the register, so I left. I went to Sephora, which is inside Jcpenny. I asked about pigments and the associate had no clue about what I was talking about. She even said all our eyeshadow has pigments. Um, really? You should know makeup if you work in Sephora. I left.

The day wasn’t a bust, I finally had some authentic Pho from Vn Pho here in Montgomery.  Amazing! I also had their fresh spring rolls, so great!

It’s Christmas Eve and I hope you are ready for tomorrow! Prayers and blessing to you all!




Blogmas Day 23: Things I Miss

I get a bit nostalgic during the holidays some of it brought on by my seasonal sadness others just because I miss things or someone.  I have been contemplating things I am missing right now and wish were here still or could happen soon.   Here is a list of what I miss:

  1.  I miss my mother during Christmas because she always went all out for the holiday.  She always baked her homemade cookies.  I miss those cookies.  I miss pre-opening my gifts.  (Stop judging!) I just miss her presence and I wonder often how life would have been different if she hadn’t died.  Would I be traveling to Florida to visit or Alabama for that matter?
  2. I miss my aunt.  The house still has some of her presence there, but I miss our long talks.  I miss the companionship we had forged.  We could be in two different rooms and our bond would be still be strong.  I know she isn’t suffering any longer, but I miss her.  Lord, what I would do for a piece of her fried chicken.
  3. I miss our neighborhood with all the different families, because now most have passed on leaving their homes empty.
  4. I miss having a boyfriend.  I miss looking for the perfect gift.  I miss the amazing conversations about family during the holidays.  I miss all a relationship encompasses.
  5. I miss getting amazing outfits.  I used to get great outfits, except that cow coat I have never worn.  If you ain’t old or a child, no gifts for you!  LOL!
  6. I miss the surprises on Christmas.  Like the time my aunt’s nephew surprised us for Christmas and said he wasn’t going back to Cleveland.  Or when my cousin and his wife announced they were expecting Carson.
  7. Finally, I miss the feeling of Christmas.  I feel like the month of December goes so quickly I do not get the opportunity to just be in the moment and really experience all that Christmas means.  I want to feel Christmas and these days I am going through the motions.  This year was better than the previous two, but I miss the excitement and exhilaration I used to feel for the day.  Plus, Christmas is supposed to be 77 degrees, I just don’t know if Hell is right here on Earth or not.  It has reached high 40s this week, really!

What do you miss around this time of year?

Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

Blogmas Day 22: Vision Boards

It is almost that time of year to think about what you want to accomplish and do for 2017. I have been doing a vision board for several years now.  Believe it or not, they actually work in keeping you aware of your goals and even if you don’t quite get all your visions to happen, you can see a tangible account of your progress.


My current vision board. Yes, I have OCD and things must be in order…Don’t Judge me…LOL!

My sister looked at my vision board when she was here for Thanksgiving and she said that the differences in our overall look of the board are quite different. She tends to have pictures overlapping and such and my board is neat and organized.  Yes it is and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I review my board every day and repeat the inspirational sayings every day as well.  At least for next year the Chevrolet Cruz can finally come off the board.  Go me!

Last year I traveled more. This year not so much.  Next year I am going to travel and update my passport.  So I will definitely have pictures representing travel.  I also plan to work on getting my YouTube channel going.  But first, I need an editing program that is easy to learn.  Further, I hope to garner some extra income to pay off some bills and I want to volunteer more.  Finally, my board will be a motivation to lose weight.  For real this next year.

Your vision board should be the way you like it and should be a motivation to have a productive and blessed year ahead. One thing that is noticeable on my vision boards is all the inspirational words I have placed all over the board.  Nothing is impossible with God on your side.  Real talk.

So next week I will be gathering my pictures and getting ready to make my vision for 2017 amazing!