Randoms…January to Now


Look how beautiful the sky appeared on Friday afternoon!

I know my one follower who still follows, misses me.  So I decided to write something, blog something.  Hell, it is gorgeous outside and I thought about my neglected blog.  I am such a bad blog parent, but the way the world is right now…it is hard to write something that isn’t filled with visceral rants and depressive thoughts.  I am discombobulated about what I am seeing and feeling and it ain’t good.  However, I am going to attempt to fill you in on what has been going on in my life for the last month.


A day of service…

I saw The Guy on January 14th as he showed off his new car, plus he was celebrating a birthday.  He is getting old!  On January 18th, I did my day of service by working with Hands Across River Region in helping to make toiletry bags for the homeless.  Did you know in my county they actually go out once a year and count the homeless? When they do, they give them bags of items that will be most useful to them.  I am going to ask my book club to donate tooth brushes and tooth paste and mouthwash, because those are the items they need and don’t get much of. I enjoyed doing this with students from elementary schools as well as Alabama State University.  They even fed the volunteers, but you know I didn’t stay for that but it was a nice gesture.  I had Vn Pho here in Montgomery for the 1st time in January, which means I have had it a couple times prior to this date.  Since January 20th, I have been in some state of mourning over President Obama.  However, I must move on.  Oh, Aloha had her first birthday.  Y’all, she is something else.  She is walking, talking and still going to be on the cover of Time magazine!


Aloha is a year old!


Lil Princess aka Aloha…


I have been cooking a bit more.  Not much more though.  Shrimp and grits and baked spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, ground turkey and turkey pepperoni and anything simple like baked chicken.


Shrimps and grits


Baked spaghetti

I promise I am going to do a post about having Sisterlocks for 10 years.  I am still trying to convince my Consultant to cut my hair.  She just told me no again on yesterday.  Imma cut this hair so I can wear cute hair styles, hell!


Long 10 year old Sisterlocks


10 Year Old Sisterlocks

Seriously, it is hard to write when your heart is filled with angst and anger.  I need to write a book review and a restaurant review too!  I am so behind, but today I decided to write just a little bit so I know I can still do it even if it is a bit choppy.


I have been so busy…

Today is beautiful.  The sun is shining brightly ignoring the darkness over Washington, DC.  It is a warm 79 degrees; folks are walking around in sandals and flip flops.  Me, I have on long sleeves, trouser socks and closed toe shoes.  I ain’t going to let Mother Nature trick me because one week we are cold and another week we are summer time warm.  I can say winter wasn’t too bad.  We may have had a month of cold weather spread out from October to now.  However, what does this mean for summer?  You all know I ain’t about the heat.

I hope where ever you live your day is as beautiful as mine and you get to enjoy some of it today whether you are working or not.  Until my next post…


I have an Instagram account…Cashanamusings.



I Really Am Back, but…

I have to work on my 10 year Sisterlock anniversary blog.  I need to talk about this New Year.  I wish I could talk about the clusterfuck that is our three branches of government.  I am hoping I can do a farewell letter to President Obama.  There is so much I need to write, but I am sad, yet again.

Next week we say goodbye to President Obama.  And we are in anomaly of uncertainty with a government that is operating in manner that is so outside of the realms of normality.  I am going to miss the calmness and levelness of his demeanor.  Right now y’all have an incoming elected official tweeting…like that is Presidential.  So, yes I am feeling dark right now and can’t write like I want to.  I am sorry and I hope I can pull myself out of this nightmare that is really life right now.

Look Auburn and Alabama lost.

We experienced winter this past Friday and weekend for it to be currently 66 degrees.

The earth is off its axis, obviously.  And so am I.  I will be back to make you laugh, think and learn, however, I ain’t in the mood right now.

I Am Still Here…Tired Though

I am still here.  Just busy and finding it hard to blog.  I could blog at night but, I ain’t trying to boot up a laptop and all that jazz.  Plus, I haven’t been on my laptop in about 2 months, which means loads of updates.


At work…on this Friday, March 18th!



There has been so much going on in the news and here in my home town that I just do not have the energy to deal with any of it.  Seriously, this election is making me physically ill and frankly I can’t wait until it is over.  I will tell you this, when President Obama leaves office, I am going to be crying like crazy.  I already feel the lump in my throat.  He has had to deal with so much hate it is a wonder he is still sane.  However, if I was the President…my don’t give a fucks would be horrid.  My mouth and my actions would be so garish.  Everyone has their breaking point.

I cannot talk about that Repub candidate.  I am trying to keep my breakfast down.

I have been so busy at work and I mean both jobs I am feeling the pain.  I am tired.  Seriously, I am also exhausted because of daylight savings time.  I wish they would just leave the time alone.  I am struggling.  Monday I came in here feeling let down and peed on.  I feel like someone robbed my home again instead of stole an hour of sleep that they didn’t really do.  The second job has me tired and because I was tired of working a position every weekend I hired three folks.  Hell, I am tired and getting home after 10 pm was getting old, fast.

I am over food.  I tried to make some turkey sausage this weekend.  They taste okay, but honestly pork is better.  Sighing… I can’t even stomach chicken wings, but I could use a Chic fila sandwich right now.  In fact, for the last two weeks I have only eaten catfish, shrimp and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Oh, I am addicted to popcorn.  I have a Caesar Salad with 2 ounces of beef for lunch.  I can get it down without gagging.

I do not even know if I am going to do a garden this year.  My energy level isn’t such I want the hassel, but when I go to buy tomatoes I am going to be mad.  However, preparing for a garden ain’t going to be easy for me, because I didn’t break it down and set it up for the spring.  Shit looks bad.  Maybe Easter Sunday…I do not know.

Have a great weekend! I am going to do the same…

About My Weekend…Ramblings

This weekend went by so fast; I think I almost missed most of it. And this Monday is starting off weird, no really; the atmosphere has a strange energy right now.  Yeah, I am a bit strange.

I had a great book club meeting Saturday, it seems Toni Morrison has redeemed herself to a few of my members with her book God Bless the Child.  By the way, is a really good story and for a change of pace, it took place during modern times.  You know Toni Morrison likes to take us on history lessons with a bit of paranormal thrown in to test your brain’s ability to decipher all the symbolism she poses to her readers.


The Imani Book Club – Montgomery 2/20/16

One of the members hosting asked folks to wear denim and pearls for a group picture. What is crazy is I didn’t think anyone would follow through, but guess what?  All of us wore our denim and pearls except one.  The picture came out okay, but again I hate pictures taken where the lighting isn’t at its best.

I didn’t do much else this weekend. On Sunday, I cleaned a little bit, went to the grocery store and cooked lunch for the week.  So it was a productive day.  I didn’t take one nap all weekend, which was so unusual, but I didn’t need one.  Sleeping was difficult this weekend and I am not sure why.


Pearls and Me..

Anyway, I told my sister to show Lala my pearls and then she proceeded to show her all the pictures I have sent to her. Do you know that little girl said I needed to post them on FB?  She also saw a picture of me in a black facial mask and she said I had mud all over my face and need to clean my face.  She is something else.  I had to laugh when she asked where I got my pearls from because we got them both from the same cousin.


I had a full blown photo shoot before and during the meeting…So Vain!

Hope you have a great week!

Some February Randoms…

And like that…it is February. Where the hell did January go?


Really, February you here already?

This week the weather has been flip flops and shorts and this morning I wake up to my heat on and the need for a coat and gloves. I just can’t.

I am craving Golden Oreos…you know what time it is right?

I was such a bitch at my 2nd job on Tuesday.  However, those kids were getting on my nerves.  I kept saying these are not the folks I had scheduled to work and they are on my nerves!  Plus, I wasn’t feeling great.

I woke up the next day, which was Wednesday, and was still feeling bad but determined to make it to work. I even put on a full face of makeup and because I was so nauseous I knew it was a wrap.  I tried.  I called in and then slept until after noon.  I was really sick and the only way to not feel nauseous was to sleep.  My sister asked what I ate and I said my usual, but I remembered immediately then I had 4 deviled eggs with my lunch the day before.  Shit!  Eggs really do not like me at all.  I am done, seriously because I do not want to ever feel like that again.


Meet Aloha…aka Alaura

Well, my sister had her baby girl, Alaura Charlise. She came 7 weeks early.  You know Martin Luther King Day, well she had her early Tuesday morning.  The Tuesday before that, her water broke so she was in the hospital until they induced her.  Well, Aloha is here.  Yes, I have already given her a new name.  I just don’t call them by their given name.  Ask Lala…even she knows to just answer.  The baby came home from the NIC Unit on last week.  My cousins are down in NOLA helping my sister right now.  And um,…yeah they are team too much!

Looks like her sisters are going to be good with her.


Lala and Hunny Bunny holding Aloha…

Why am I not there helping? First of all, I don’t know nothing about taking care of little babies anymore.  I ain’t changing a diaper or any of that stuff.  My last child is almost 30 years old…LOL!  Frankly, I got to work because I still need to get a car.

Speaking of a car this guy from the neighborhood stopped me one afternoon and asked if I was selling my car and I said I wasn’t thinking about do it, but I could change my mind. Why did this mutherf… come to my house Monday night, after 8 pm asking me about the car?  First of all, I do not answer my door if you do not announce yourself.  Further, who comes to someone’s house about business outside of business hours?  Finally, I do not know your ass and leave me the hell alone!  If I was to sell the car to him he would be at my house as soon as shit goes wrong.  I am not selling my car I am going to trade it in for the little bit if any money they will give me for it.  I got great use out of my car almost over 17 years.  Ugh!  My people are so uninformed.

I need to get excited about the elections, but I can’t. I thought Sanders was going to be more to my liking but he said the wrong damn thing about taxing my ass.  So back to Hillary.  Lawd, it is a struggle to deal with this election.

I was in tears yesterday over the passing of Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. I grew up with that music and although he hadn’t performed with the band for many years, I will always remember his big afro and stylings.  Rest in Heaven.

Folks are dying every day. While walking Monday afternoon, I spoke with this lady who works in another agency in our building, I usually speak and smile when I see her during my walks.  This day she made a statement to the fact it was the end of the day and time to go home for good, which was weird to me, but I smiled and told her to have a good evening.  Y’all she died that evening after she got home from work.  I was in tears Tuesday.  May she rest in peace.  Her passing reminded me of how important it is to be kind to people.

I love my Fitbit and I love the folks at Fitbit. My tracker was draining so fast after a recent update that I had to charge my tracker every 2 days and for me that was a problem.  I had to drop out 3 challenges the other week because my tracker was low before noon and I didn’t have my charger and had forgotten to charge it the night before.  So I emailed the folks at Fitbit to express my disappointment in the draining of the battery because a charge should last at least 5 days.  Well, I have a brand new replacement tracker that came yesterday.  I love the customer service.

We had book club Saturday and folks my members really disliked the book. No, many didn’t even try to finish it.  I did finish it a few hours before the meeting, seriously.  I read on that book for over a month and it was a struggle to finish.  It was one of those books where you have read the author before and found them entertaining but this time, they used a new editor because this book was a hundred pages too long.  However, this month’s read I am almost finished.  Go me!


Book Club Meeting Selfies…took down the pipe cleaners as well…Notice the curls…wait for it…

My skin is a wreck because of this weather. I did a mask the other night and my face feels better and the dry patches look much better.


My Boscia relaxation mask…

Today is Caitlyn’s birthday she is officially an adult…It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! I need to get my voice ready to sing it to her, but I know she ain’t ready for this finely tuned tenor, baritone and alta voice…You all know I can’t sing, right?

We finally have a new grocery store! After almost a year without one in our neighborhood, we got one of the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery’s.  I went the opening day after work and it was a bit of shock because when you normally walk into a Walmart it so huge and the neighborhood grocery is not huge, it is big like a grocery store and that takes a moment to get used to.  I went to get the lay of the land and I picked up random items.  Like avocados.  But I will be doing a full shop hopefully this weekend.

I tried avocadoes again. Sighing…I just sliced them and put lime juice and salt and pepper and cumin on it.  It tasted fine, but my goodness the texture is the problem.  I see why folks prefer them in a guacamole.  Frankly, they do not have any taste to them.  I tried to like it, maybe I should try the guacamole again?

No football for me this weekend I am working. I also working Valentine’s weekend as well.

I need to start getting my head right about my shows which will be on real soon. I watched the 1st episode of American Crime and forgot about it the next week it came on and I guess I just said forget about it now because I am so behind.  I just needed that television break and I didn’t want to be chained to my television.  I spend my time on the ID channel.  Crime really interests me.

Don’t worry my vacation series is almost done. Hopefully, I can get back on a schedule for posting and writing, but again when my mind is loaded I can’t write.  I need to be working on my book club’s editor’s note, but I am stumped.  Sighing…


Lala told her mama to take a picture of her favorite shirt to show me…Bless her heart and her pearls.

I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to make the most of mine and not allow negativity to find its way into my peace…


I told you to wait for it…the curls fell, but the ones you see on the left side didn’t even act like they wanted to have tight curl…they gave up. Seriously…LOL!

Obligatory Sisterlock Anniversary Post…Late as usual


Sisterlocks in Pipe Cleaners. Done on 1/18/16. Took 3 hours due to the length of my hair.


On January 9, 2016, I have had my Sisterlocks for 9 years. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that long and at other times it seems too damn long.

When I got my Sisterlocks I was enamored with my hair and had hair length goals. I loved my locks and could only say the things I detested were washing my hair and my dry scalp at the beginning.  As they got older, I worried about the health of my locks because some of them thinned, came out and weren’t looking their bests.  However, today I feel like I have for the last couple of years, indifference.  I wasn’t my hair when I got Sisterlocks and am surely not my hair today.

My hair goes past my butt and some of the newbies, who I know come to my blog looking for Sisterlock information, are probably in awe and maybe a little envious. Don’t be.  I want to cut my hair desperately.  It is entirely too long for my comfort.  I have to wear my hair up in buns or I am going to sit on the hair or my purse is going to pull a lock out.  Believe me that isn’t fun.  It also puts stress on the locks as well, which is never good.  I just want to style my hair that’s all.  Right now I am stuck with the buns and occasional ponytail and braidouts and twistouts.  This week my hair is pipe cleaners.  I did them in pipe cleaners a couple of times last year.  However, I do not know when I will do them again because it took me 3 hours to do.  Yes, 3 hours.  I ain’t about that life.  At all!

Over these 9 years I have learned a lot about myself and my hair. My hair is currently quite healthy although I do need to moisturize more.  It isn’t this perfectly gridded hair anymore and I do not care.  In the beginning you are enthralled with keeping the grid intact, but live on because when you have to marry locks to strengthen or you lose a portion of the lock and so forth you will understand the grid doesn’t make your hair less Sisterlocked, it just shows the ability to adapt your hair in ways to make sure it is healthy.  I do not correct folks on whether my hair is dreadlocked or Sisterlocked anymore.  I do not care, plus that means a whole other discussion on the differences and after all these years I would rather not have that discussion.

Getting Sisterlocks 9 years ago was a great idea. I have said before I just wished I had taken more time to learn my hair in its natural state, but I am thankful for the Sisterlocks because it has brought about ease with my hair routine.  I retighten every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on if I have had a growth spurt, which happens occasionally.  I wash regularly and although I try not to get all tense about doing it, I still do.  It isn’t the washing that is the issue it is the time it takes to dry.  I tend to sit under the dryer in the fall/winter and air dry with some blow drying in the summer. I have a head full of grey hair now and the Sisterlocks do not hide it.  I don’t care either.  I have been asked if I will ever color it and my answer is mostly not.  Color can damage one’s lock if not taken care of properly.  Further it would require me to go to a shop to have it done, and if they aren’t familiar with coloring locks it could end up being a disaster.  No thank you.  Plus, I ain’t sitting in a shop for hours trying to get my hair done.  When I went to my consultant it was just her and me.  No waiting and only working on my head.

My routine is I retighten every 4-6 weeks and I do it over a few days depending on my motivation. Wash regularly with a clarifying shampoo or Sisterlock shampoo in Green tea.  I use the moisture conditioner and reconstructer conditioner when my hair needs it.  I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil especially during the winter on my scalp.  I still use Crimps and Curls for braid out and setting hair styles.  And that is it. I really wish I could find a large lock cap that will work with all this hair.  FYI, I cannot sleep with my hair down it must be in a bun on top of head and done properly or I will have neck pain when I wake up.  Learned that the hard way.  Because this hair is heavy and hot.

So yeah, I have had Sisterlocks for 9 years and you can tell it. I love my hair but it isn’t who I am as a person.  I take care of it and try to make it presentable at all times.  Folks still stop and ask me about my hair male and female.  Since I have had my hair rolled on the pipe cleaners, folks just want to touch it.  Why, Lawd?  That drives me crazy.  It is just hair.  LOL!

If you have some specific questions about Sisterlocks you can ask, but coming to my blog for hair updates and such will not help you, sorry. I rarely talk about my hair now.  The end…

It Is Okay To Be Last For a Good Cause Randoms…

My Swag Bag from the Inaugural Betty Hall Breast Cancer Walk

Yeah, I am late with these, but I have been truly busy at work and you know I am not turning on my computer when I get home.  It just isn’t happening.

So, I finally finished the several parts of my Janet Jackson/NOLA experience.  I just have to add the pictures please pat me on the back because I uploaded the pictures two days ago.  Go me!

Ain’t nobody blogging.  Okay, some folks are and I appreciate having something to read during my lunch breaks. I really want to comment but my computer at work says no.  It will not let me.

I am in the midst of preparing for the Girlfriend’s Getaway Cruise in few weeks or so.  I haven’t been on a cruise since 2010 and I forgot all the things you must do and be prepared for.  Since we are leaving out of Miami, I will be able to cross Miami off my bucket list places to visit.

We got flights out of New Orleans for $76 each way.  Yes, we did.  Otherwise we were going to be pay way more than that to fly out of Georgia and forget about flying out of Alabama because we would have to go to Birmingham and make a connecting.  We have a straight flight, yes.

I finally got a new phone.  Yes, I bit the bullet and got a new phone.  I am still riding with my Samsung 3.  Yes, still.  I haven’t done the stuff needed to get my new phone ready yet because I do not have a case for it.  Seriously, the way these phones are designed now you better not use that sucker without a case.  You know I really wanted the Edge, but when I realized the case didn’t protect the edge of the phone, I had to just say no.  So as I wait patiently for my Otterbox just know I finally got a new phone.  I made them allow me to put down a substantial down payment so my monthly increase would not make my monthly bill over a $100.  Yes, I am so serious.  They want you to pay the extra after the first bill, damn lie.  Seriously, I have been with T-Mo for over 15 years.  And they knew I needed a new phone because they kept sending me surveys.  My answers still ain’t going to change.  I was getting sad about all the messages and things on my phone I would lose until I looked at everything in my new phone’s box and there was an ad for an app that transfers your stuff from the old phone to the new one.  Yes!  Let’s just hope this works.  Oh, I just upgraded to the Samsung S6.

I finally went outside to look at my rose bush.  Shit.  It has black spot now.  I have to get out there this weekend and doctor on it.  I should have sprayed the stuff I use for it.  Now, I have to cut it back, feed, spray and but some mulch down for the winter.  I still haven’t taken down my garden stuff yet and my pepper plants are still in the window in the den, like bees are going to come into my house and pollinate them.  Don’t judge me.  When I get home, going outside isn’t on my list.  Further, I am just lazy.  Truth.

Who wants to help me wash my hair this weekend?  The End made sure he never had to do that task.  Anyone?…

I enjoyed Empire and AHS on Wednesday, was glad to see Angela Bassett because I was just waiting on her debut.  Omg, Scandal was so good Thursday.  The vulnerability of Olivia in the interview and the scene with Cyrus and Fitz was amazing.  HTGAWM is still keeping me captivated because we are learning so much about these characters.

I am doing another Fitbit challenge this week.  And guess who had their 10,000 steps by 1 pm?  Yep, me.  I got it in during lunch and that is why my hair is still wet right now.

I need to get my mind right because a new a car in on my agenda for Dec or Jan.  Pray for me.

I just got a Jamaica phone scam call on my cell phone.  GTFOHWTBS!  She almost had my name right and that shit scared me.  As a victim of ID theft, I ain’t about that life.  Needless to say, it wasn’t nice experience for her to try and scam me.  Dumbasses.  Think about the number of elderly folks they have scammed.  When she stated I won something from Publisher’s Clearing House, I literally started laughing before I ripped her a new one.  I ain’t the one.

On last Saturday, I with a few of my book club members took part in the Inaugural Carver High School Betty Hall Breast Cancer Walk/Run.  The principal’s mother, Ms. Hall, lost her fight with cancer and this was something he could do for the cause.  About six of my members participated.  If I knew what I know now, I would not have walked.  I walk over 10,000 steps every day, no problem.  However, I never got an understanding on the route.  I thought we were going behind the school in the neighborhood, but no, we went in front of the school walking towards the biggest hills of my childhood.  My uncle used to own a grocery store on the corner of Oak and Mill Street, and there was a hill behind the store, that even I as a child wouldn’t walk.  As an adult, that damn hill almost took me out!  All I kept thinking was please Lord, I do not want the ambulance to come and get me because it will be all over the news and that will be embarrassing.  How I made it up that hill and not stop and give up is a testament to my faith.  I was praying.  Mind you my friends were ahead of me because I maintained a steady pace that was comfortable for me.  Also, did I mention I was dehydrated?  Oh, yes I wasn’t feeling well before the walk that morning, but I was determined to finish, but I failed to drink water before starting the walk.  After the hill, which really was only the one mile mark, FML, I was in dire need of water.  I could barely swallow and although it was a cold morning and I had on a hoodie and had just climbed this humongous hill, I wasn’t sweating at all.  It was bad folks.  When I finally saw the table for water I was thankful.  They offered me two little mouthwash cups of water and I looked and them sweet little teenagers and said, “Can I get the bottle? I am dehydrated and I do not want to get sick out here.”  Yes, it was that bad.  However, once I got the water in me I was feeling much better and at least able to finish the walk.  Several times the golf cart folks asked if I wanted to finish or get picked up, but I persevered.  I was going to finish and although there were only four folks behind me, I was determined to finish and was glad I wasn’t the last one.  However, I realized sometimes the power above has a sense of humor.  During the last half mile I realized the four folks behind me weren’t behind me.  I was it, the last one, with the #1 on my race bib.  Shit.  As I contemplated my predicament, I just said suck it up to myself and finish.  I finished for the folks who didn’t survive breast cancer and to those who did.  Even being dead damn last, didn’t minimize my accomplishment because unlike the folks who quit, I didn’t and while the police made a big deal about crossing me across the street, and the cheerleaders chanting “you can do it number 1” and the guy with the bullhorn calling me in I wasn’t embarrassed.  I wasn’t sad.  I was accomplished.  I finished.  With the obstacles I faced, nothing compares to finishing the race for those who couldn’t.

Um, but I will not be walking that route again.  As I was walking I kept thinking about my family members who had passed and when I walked by the funeral home that handled my mom and uncle, I was just feeling emotional.  Too many memories man.

Anyway, this weekend is book club.  And I am still waiting on someone to help wash the hair…