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Rambling…Monday Will One Day Be the Best Day of the Week

Yes it is That long…

I had a fantastic weekend.  I may not have done all I wanted to do, but I was blessed enough to be able to do what I could.

I was prepared to volunteer for the Joy to Life Walk.  I had my clothes ready and alarms set.  Well…all Friday I kept checking my email waiting on an assignment to come through.  I kept going to the website to make sure I had read the information about volunteers correctly.  I never got confirmation I could volunteer or what use I would be to them the day of the walk.  So when I woke up, I thought about all I had to do I made the decision to not got to the riverfront and end up coming back home because they couldn’t use me.  I hate I missed out on the opportunity, but I figured there was a reason.  A couple of my book club members were frustrated as well because they signed up to volunteer before the walk and they got no calls, emails or information on what capacity they would be of use.  This happened last year and I guess since I didn’t call them like last year they didn’t worry about it.

So I took the time to put the geraniums into the planters on the front porch.  As soon as I cleaned the planters out, the owner of the corner house across the street came over to talk about how the teenagers had messed up the inside of the house by tearing up the sheetrock and he was finally going to fix the house up to sale.  He first must put burglar bars around the entire house so they can bring in supplies and begin the process of renovating.  Then my other neighbor came over to tell me some teenagers threw a brick into her window the night before.  She was home.  Because of her double pane windows, it is difficult to break the glass, the brick did shatter the inner window and bounced right back outside.  Luckily, her brother wasn’t home sitting in his usual seat in front of that window because he would have been injured.  She was mad because she is 79 years old and if she had the money to start another mortgage she would because she just hates living in our neighborhood.  I understand her feelings.  One shouldn’t feel like that about a home they worked hard to maintain and have teens with no respect for property or authority harass her regularly.  The problem is the culprits are the teens across the street from her that are wreaking havoc on her.  You see, she was at home this time and it makes no sense to do what they did knowing she was in there unless it was to scare her…They make me sick.

When I looked at my clock I realized it was after 10 am and I had errands to run and a house to finish cleaning.  I managed to get everything done and as I was getting my book club meeting stuff together, I realized I didn’t stop at the dollar store to pick up some certificate frames.  Shoot!  I wasn’t going back out and I was starting to get that panic feeling one gets when they feel like they will not get everything done.  I mean the devil showed up to harass me and all I could do was shake my head and not allow the devil to win.  He didn’t.

I managed a nice 30 minute nap.  No seriously, that is the only nap I took this entire weekend.  It was time to get ready for book club.  I was trying in vain to leave by a quarter to 6, but hell I tried but I was pulling out of my drive way at 5:55 pm.  Look the meeting was way on the other side of town and I didn’t want to rush.  I didn’t but the traffic was a mess.  Also, I wish the Maps/Navigation app on my phone would stop with all the damn changes.  I had a hard time getting my mine on my phone to work, so frustration ensued.  Let me vent for a moment, can the apps stop updating every damn day.  Seriously, the changes aren’t necessary every damn day.  Nobody has time to update every day.  No I do not allow them to update without permission because updates will not use up my data if I am not on Wi-Fi.  Some updates will mess up your phone and you are thinking it is your phone but really it is an app that is causing the disruptions such as hanging up or shutting down for no damn reason. Just stop it.  Please and thank you. ***Vent over!

Book club was pretty good.  Only one member was absent.  Folks didn’t love the book, but most finished it.  It was a story about BDSM in the Atlanta black community.  Now, initially I was intrigued (although I didn’t vote for the book) about what information I could get about the community.  However, the story was disjointed with too many characters and some of the situations were just too farfetched for me and others to believe.  Since this was our business meeting, it was nice to get those business items completed early in the meeting.  We actually finished pretty early.  And folks I came back home and of course took a few more selfies before getting ready for bed.  I was sleep before midnight.  I was done for the day.

Sunday was nice and sweet.  I got up early to watch Osteen, and then I did some prepping for work.  I would have worked in the raised garden but it had rained the night before and the ground was just too soggy for all that.  And with the jungle in my yard…things are getting sketchy for me to finish.  Some of those weeds come up to my knees.  Side-eye…Seriously, with the rain forecast we can’t cut the grass.

After a few obligations, I was able to wash my hair and sit under my dryer for 45 minutes so my hair could dry.  Amazing.  Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t completely dry, but it was dry before I went to bed and baby that is amazing when I usually have to blow dry it.  Not on Sunday.  The Guy should have been there to help me.  I think he purposely doesn’t want to come over when it is hair washing day.  It ain’t the washing that is the problem, it is the drying.  I told him I would show him how to retighten it so he can do that.  His response was maybe, which means someday, which means never.  LOL!

I cooked my dinner/lunch and got my food ready for work as well.  I made homemade lemonade too.  I still want a Meyer’s lemon tree.  Then I realized it was 6 pm.  And I was bored.  What do folks do on Sunday night?  Geez!  You can only watch so much Intervention and HGTV.

I polished my nails and talked to family members before a long hot bath, finished a book and time for bed.

And it is now Monday.  One day Monday is going to be the best day of the week.

From my mini selfie shoot…LOL!


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